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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy New Year everyone! We just got thru with a nice lil ice storm and light dusting of snow over the weekend, January 22-23. Today it was in the upper 50's to low 60's dependng on where you were in the Triangle area.

Team are working out and gearing up for spring action. I have my schedule etched in stone and hopefullyMa Nature works with me this spring. We have a nice NHSI Tourney schedule in late March at the Cary USA Baseball Training Facility with some teams from the West Coast, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Topsail Beach NC will be here. Some top 2016, 2017 and 2018 prospects will be on hand and I'm looking forward to it. I'm still not working for any MLB club or organization but will be out and about, taking down notes/names in hope that one day I can get back into the game I love so much, now that my franchised pizza business is on solid ground with some excellent managers helping run the business for me. I'll also be covering around 70 games this summer in Zebulon in the Carolina League, where the Class A Mudcats, Braves single "A" affiliate will host some very good young prospect talent once again.

I plan to catch Louisburg College, the 3 ACC area schools, Mount Olive, Barton College, NC Wesleyan as well as a host of high schools in the area, including Orange HS in Hillsborough where they have a RHP signed with UNC-CH who is on the scout's radar and listed in Baseball America's top 100 HS prospects for 2016.

Stay tuned!

Monday, November 2, 2015

I attended the first ever, MAJOR LEAGUE SCOUTING BUREAU SCOUT SCHOOL, which the MLSB ran! It was first class, very informative and it was great to mingle with like minded people of all walks of life, ages, backgrounds, ethinicities, male and female and it was neat to evalute professional prospects from the Arizona Fall Baseball League. The School cost a fee and was held at the same hotel which made it very convenient for attendees "FUTURE SCOUT" hopefuls.

The School was ran by the MLSB, including lifetime baseball execs, Bill Bavasi and Bob Fontaine Jr. Also MLSB area scouts, Tim Osborne, Carl Moesche, Walt Burrows, Andy Campbell and Gil Kubski Jr. All of these guys have well over 100 years of experience and expertise in their field and were there to answer questions and give helpful advice on career seekers wanting to be a scout or just in baseball in general.

My hats off to the MLSB for hosting such an event and allowing me to become more knowledgeable and learn more about focusing in on prospects if I were to be a Crosschecker or Supervisor or Director of Scouting.

The event was held in Phoenix, Arizona @ the Sheraton Crescent Hotel. We attended fall league games in Mesa and Salt River.

Updated, Sunday, August 30, 2015.

Caught my last action of the Carolina League today. Updated player reports are below and correction on the team Underwood and Zagunis played for, it's Myrtle Beach not Lynchburg as first reported, Lynchburg is the Cleveland Indians affiliate which I just wound up seeing again for the third time this season.

OF, Clint Frazier,Lynchburg (Indians) 6' 200, R/R, 50 hit, 55 power, 55 runner, 50 arm, 50 range/field, slight upper cut quick bat with alley power, runs well, much better on the way, solid arm strength and instincts for CF, plays hard and has upside to increase strength and develop further with maturity.

RHP, Pedro Fernandez, 6' 190, R/R, Wilmington (Royals), strong build and qk arm from upper 3/4 slot, fb mostly true but qk, 91-94, will touch 96 on occ, hard slurve type breaking ball, easy to read early in the game, shows enough stamina but destined for bull pen, straight change needs more work as does location of his pitches, not overpowering and lacks deception in delivery, easy read currently, but good arm, 52 OFP.

Updated Thursday, August 6

Well got to see another quality arm, RHP Yency Almonte Winston-Salem (Carolina League) White Sox, he was drafted out of HS in Miami by the Chicago White Sox, he's listed at 6'3 205, but appears slightly smaller in stature and definitely lighter, he's listed at 21 years old, smooth, qk arm, easy delivery, topped 95 a few pitches most fb are 91-94 with occ sink down on the knees in the strike zone, change up is adequate at this level as he doesn't locate it down where he needs to, leaving it over the plate for hitters to adjust to it quickly, also throws a hard slurve with not much depth or break, so his breaking stuff will hold him back some, but he's young enough to work in the off-season as right now he would project as a reliever with one solid pitch a plus fb with fair life. Throws from 3/4 slot all pitches and has some re-wrap ala, Yordany Ventura. 70 fb, 45 change, 40 cb, 50 control/command, 47 overall OFP.

Updated: Wednesday, August 5

Got a chance to see RHP Carson Fulmer on Tuesday night in the Carolina League facing the Mudcats (Braves affiliate), he went 4 innings and show a ML fb and ML slider with plus control/command, he's got a lil bulldog and feisty demeanor which will make him a fierce competitor as long as he can control himself, he was definitely worth a first round gamble and reminds me of the throw back years of former Miss St Bulldog pitcher and Cincinnati Red, Jeff Brantley. He's a 4-5 man in a ML rotation as long as he can sustain his durability and stamina for six innings or he could become a closer in the likes of a Greg Holland. 5'11 195, strong durable build.

LHP, Luis Gonzalez, Frederick Keys (Orioles), 6'2 170,22 years old, 1/17/92, smooth lefty with a plus arm, his fb is true and he's around the plate too often with middle out pitches vs RHH and his cb at times very easy to read as he slows his delivery some to throw it, tipping his pitches, he's young, fb is 88-94, mostly 90-92, needs to get better movement on his fb and location location location needs to improve dramatically or he won't climb the ladder much further than AA.

Update Saturday, August 30, 2015.

Since April, I've been covering the Carolina League while the Carolina Mudcats are a home and here are my reports on the best talent that should make it to the next climb and eventually the ML.

One interesting specimen and I do mean specimen is 1b, Yasiel Mederos for Frederick Keys (Orioles), he's a sturdy 6'5 and 220 R/R, older player, 26 years of age, great build, but his bat is rather stiff, his plate approach is decent, high bat level elbows but the swing is just very rigid, the bat does go to the ball, but I just don't see enough quickness for this guy to climb any higher than AA but I'm sure there is an investment in him, his footwork around the bag is good and he's got the arm for the position. He'll need to loosen up that muscle bound body of his to get some quickness in his swing and approach to hitting.

C, Chance Sisco, Frederick Keys (Orioles), 6'2 190 L/R, qk bat with slight upper cut stroke, quiet hands that generate some pop to the alleys, occ power down the foul lines, throwing arm is ave to plus with 1.9 release and know how behind the plate, alert and frames well. 40 hit, 40 power, 40 run, 55 arm, 55 field/range. Will be decent backup at the ML level.

RHP, David Hess, Frederick Keys (Orioles), 6'2 180, loose, qk arm from 3/4 slot, touches 94 most fb 90-92 with slurvy breaking ball, slider action with occ depth and makings of solid change up, throws strikes, most fb are true, not a lot of deception but mixes pitches well enough to keep hitters honest, 4-5 man in a rotation or long man at ML level potential.

RHP, Duane Underwood, Myrtle Beach (Cubs) 6'2 210, decent arm with gradual improvement since HS days in Georgia, first seen in Cary NC at NHSI event a couple years back, Underwood has a fb that can tough 97-98 on occ with some arm side run in on RHH, most fb 92-93, sinks when down, hard cb and occ change up, command and control are ave, could be decent 3 or 4 man in a ML rotation.

OF, Mark Zagunis, Myrtle Beach(Cubs), 6' 205, R/R, a solid hitting prospect with ave straight line speed, qk bat to the ball with good balance and drives the ball, occ power to gaps, type of power to generate 10-15 HR eventually, can also steal bases, 4.2 out of the box very quick first step on base paths, more than enough arm for any OF position, 45 hit, 45 power, 60 run, 50 arm, 60 field/range.

OF, Dustin Peterson, Carolina (Braves), 6'2 185, R/R, converted IF, Petey has a qk bat with decent approach and load and balance at the plate, can drive the ball, shows enough speed and offensive presence to be a 4th OF or possible move back to the IF in time, no rush, 55 arm strength, 4.35 out of the box and decent runner on the base paths, 45 hit, 50 pwr, 45 run, 50 arm, 50 field/range.

RHP, Andrew Thurman, Carolina (Braves) 6'3 220, R/R, decent arm and a bit of a nibbler, will show occ 94 fb, most at 89-91 with some arm side run, needs to hit his spots and have his command/control at all times, fb true mostly, changes speeds and competes, probable to the pen in ML level, cb and change are both ave and has just enough moxy to get to the ML.

RHP, Lucas Giolito, Potomac (Nationals), 6'6 260, R/R, strong build, long arms and legs, good leverage on plus plus fb from 3/4 slot, fb touches 96-97 on occ, most are 93, occ arm side run, hard slider 83-86 and throws strikes, loose, some recoil and cross body, makings of 2-3 man in rotation, will go as far as health stays in line, very mature body already.

RHP, Reynaldo Lopez, Potomac (Nationals), 6'0 185, R/R, qk arm from H 3/4 slot will touch 99 on occ, 93-97 four seam fb true not much deception in his delivery and doesn't hide the ball well, here it is and throws it type delivery, will slow arm speed on his breaking ball and change, throws strikes, lack of deception will keep him from being productive at the ML level, but young enough to learn a bit more to advance.

3b/1b, Drew Ward, Potomac (Nationals) 6'4 225 L/R, qk bat and goes to all fields with alley power, a bit stiff lower back area, occ will turn on inside pitches, playable defensive tools to play the corners, not a threat on the bases, 4.45 runner at best from left side, seen at TOS and HS events in Cary in the past, mature body, mature approach to the game. AAA guy, fringe ML.

OF, Manual Margot, Salem (Red Sox), 6'0 185, R/R, qk bat and qk on the base paths, plays abv ave defense, 4.18 runner and can steal bases, 45 arm and 60 range/defense, will go as far as bat takes him, occ foul line power, 50 hit, 35 pwr, 60 run, 45 arm, 60 field, extra OF or fill in guy at the ML level.

RHP, Ty Buttrey, Salem (Red Sox), 6'5 220, R/R, loose arm from H 3/4 slot, most fb 92-93, touches 96 on occ with hard slurve, downer action and decent control, not a big strike out guy, will get heaviness to two seamer to get grounders and occ pop ups, will need to solidify breaking ball to get to ML level, 2 pitch guy at present with upside.

RHP, Teddy Stankiewicz, Salem (Red Sox), 6'3 200, R/R, loose arm with some effort, touches 96 on occ, most fb are true, occ arm side run in on RHH, 91-93, hard slider/curve and occ change, command and control are fair and improving, will go as far as breaking ball command improves, could be best suited for a set up or closer role at the ML Level.

3B, Trey Michalezewski, Winston-Salem (White Sox), 6'3 220, S/R, good actions and does everything to stick at 3b at the ML level, solid 55 arm strength with sure hands, lateral actions, runs fair, not a base stealer but not a clogger, has qk bat from both sides with alley power for 10-15 type HR power, 45 hit, 55 pwr, 40 run, 55 arm, 50 field, could be solid 3B at ML Level. Gets the job done, not flashy.

2b, Jake Peter, Winston-Salem (White Sox), 6' 185, L/R, qk bat and runs well, better on the bases and on the way, solid arm strength for SS/2B, shows occ gap power, foul line HR power, will go as far as bat takes him, 45 hit, 35 pwr, 60 run, 60 arm, 60 field. Ave ML 2B.

LHP, Andre Wheeler, Winston-Salem (White Sox), 6'1 170, smooth lefty with loose qk arm from 3/4 slot, touches 93-94 on occ most fb 90-91 with arm side run and sink down in the zone, hard cb 77-80 and throws strikes, stamina for short man out of the pen, fringe ML guy.

LHP, Matt Strahm, Wilmington (Royals) 6'4 180, qk arm with plus velo ranges 90-96, most fb true w/occ arm side run away vs RHH, throws 2 seam and 4 seam, hard cb with spike action at times and occ straight change, solid first time through the lineup, got roughed up a bit 2nd time through, enough here to work with, might be destined to be short man out of the pen, needs to work on stamina as a starter and deception to keep hitters honest, mix the pitches more. 60 fb, 50 cb, 50 contro/command, 45 change, 50 movement.

Update Sunday, July 26, 2015

Had the good fortune to catch the Cape Cod All-Star game on Saturday and came away impressed with some of the pitching in the game, albeit all pitchers threw basically an inning except Frankenreider who left with a grimace with elbow issue. The hitters got basically one look at the pitchers which was somewhat a disadvantage, but if you got bat speed, balance and a good sound hitting approach, you should adjust pretty quickly. Good hitters are born! With that all said, here are the players I came away impressed by on Saturday.

LHP, Eric Lauer, Orleans (Kent St) 6'4 210, easy delivery, a bit straight up and down from H 3/4 slot, qk arm with arm side run away vs RHH, and a hard downer cb that is difficult for hitters to get on top of and the makings of a straight change. Throws strikes and was around the plate in his brief stint. Topped out at 93 but enough there to have a plus fb. Definite top 200 guy for 2016 MLB Draft.

RHP, Brandon Miller, Chatham (Millersville St), 6'4 200, nice easy delivery from H 3/4, topped out at 92 most fb with command and changed speeds, showed downer hard cb and slower cb, type of frame to fill out in time. Still has some upside there.

RHP, Ian Hamilton, Wareham (Washington St), 6'0 195, very qk arm with power fb, touches 96 on occ, also hard slide piece, more of a slurve and is aggressive and throws strikes, type of arm to be a short man in the pen or potential closer, ala, Craig Kimbrell. Definite strong follow for 2016.

RHP, Aaron McGarity, Bourne (Va Tech), 6'3 190, slender built with slinger type arm action from 3/4 arm slot, touches low 90's, topped out at 94, should fill out a bit more with maturity, demeanor for relief type, aggressive and a bit effort in delivery. Another strong follow.

RHP, Parker Dunshee, Chatham (Wake Forest), 6'1 200, loose, qk arm, touches low 90's, topped out at 93, also straight change and cb with enough to develop further in pro ball. H 3/4 slot with some late life in on RHH.

1b, Ronnie Dawson, Orleans (Ohio St), listed at 6'2 215, L/R, a smallish 6'2 with qk line drive type stroke, good balance as a hitter, pull type power to hit 15-20 HR in pro ball in time, know how at 1b with arm strength, fair runner, not a burner or base stealer, knows how on bases.

1b, Kyle Lewis, Orleans (Mercer), 6'4 205, R/R, great build and qk bat from slight upper cut stroke with HR power to alleys. Throws well enough to move to OF in time to take advantage of straight line speed and length in his physical build. Runs better out of the box and straight away, shows decent skill set to keep developing in pro ball. Could be possible top 3 rounder in 2016.

OF, Ryan Boldt, Bourne (Nebraska) 6'2 200, L/R, have seen him since TOS days, live bat and good skill set, has enough ability to be competent CF, will go as far as bat takes him. Runs well underway, more of a contact guy than a power threat, will occ turn on a fb for foul line power.

RHP, Gavin Pittore, Bourne (Wesleyan), 6'3 200, R/R, listed height is generous, type of build and demeanor to be a closer or middle guy in ML. FB tops 93 with some sink down in zone and command. Hard downer cb and also makings of straight change, is currently a free-agent, has one year to bargain with, will be a decent senior draft with some upside still, 2016 Grad.

3B, Nick Senzel, Brewster (Tennessee), 6'1 205, R/R, qk bat with strength, some power to be HR threat, throws well enough to stick at the corner, a bit eratic as a fielder at corner, may have to move to LF or 1b, in pro ball, will go as far as bat takes him, hands are qk and to the ball. Follow for sure in 2016.

2B, Cavan Biggio, Harwich (Notre Dame), 6'1 180, L/R, not a burner but knows how to run the bases, good instincts, strength is his bat, he will hit and will hit with enough power to get into a ML lineup at 2b or possible 3b, turns the DP and has good actions in the field, could move to OF if need be, 4.3 runner tops to 1b, better quickness than pure speed. Good bloodlines and this kid is just as much a gamer as his father, Chris. First saw him in TOS 3 years back. Top 100 guy for sure in 2016.

Update Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

Man it's been a nice hot and humid month of July. Managed to catch Wilmington (Class A - Royals affililate) in town to play the Carolina Mudcats and caught a nice looking lefty, Matt Strahm, from Fargo ND by way of Neosho County Com College, KS, he reminds me to the throw back years of Bud Black when he was a starter for the KC Royals in their hey day. 6'4 180 listed, he'll probably mature into his body some more, easy 3/4 slot and pumped in some 94's with a quick arm and hard downer 1 to 7 curveball 73-75 and flashed a few straight changes 80-82, it appears from stats since his promo to Carolina League, he was a reliever mostly and he pounds the strike zone but once through the lineup the Mudcat bats got to him in the 5th inning. He'll need to work more on pitching in on the hands with his velo and work on his command of his secondary pitches. First 3 innings he was untouchable and broke a few woodies. There is some upside to Strahm, he's just 24 years of age (turns 24 in November 2015) , but has a chance to be a 4-5 man in ML rotation or middle guy in the pen. 55 FB, 50 cb, 50 chg, 55 control, 45 command, 50 field with decent move to 1b. 52 OFP.

Update: Thursday, JUNE 25, 2015 -

Nice hot and muggy day at the ballpark at the NTC in Cary today, got to see a few upcoming prospects for 2016 and 2017.

The ones that stuck out are:

LHP, Jason Groome (Stars), IMG Academy, FL, he is from Barnegat, New Jersey, 6'5 plus and holds 220 easy, projectible frame, long, loose limbs, easy delivery from 3/4 slot, throws three solid pitches, above ave fb with velo up to 95, most were 91-93 with arm side run on two seamer and ave command on the 4 seamer, hard round house type cb with bite, velo 74-76, got hitters to chase and he was not afraid to throw it in any count, also straight fade change, velo at 74-76, downhill plane with no pump windup, has good pickoff move at this stage which will only get better with experience - has verbal to Vandy but doubtful he'll see the campus after his showing and with the limited amount of lefties out there. Solid 60 for me today, future is promising!

LHP, Jordan Butler (Brave), Braulio Alonso HS, Odessa FL, follow for 2017 grad year, 6'1 180, long limbs, may grow a tad more and fill out frame, short quick arm swing with deceptive velo, touches 88, most arm side run fbs were 86-87 with deceptive change and drops arm slot from upper 3/4 to lower 3/4 for slide piece, threw strikes, hit the mit and didn't waste time out there, only 16 currently - early verbal to Florida.

3B, Cole Stobbe (Brave), Millard West HS, Omaha NE, 6'1 180, R/R, lean frame with room to grown, qk bat with level plane swing, pop in the bat with alley type power, runs well underway, 4.4 out of the box, ave arm strength, adequate range/glove and instincts for the corner, graded out to a 45 currently, but could be one that rises with experience.

OF, McKenzie "Mickey" Moniak (Brave), La Costa Canyon HS, Encinitas CA, 6'1 1/2 185, L/R, qk out of the box, line drive stroke from left side, runs well, better underway, 4.2 from box, knows how on bases, solid arm strength with carry and range, can play any OF position, enough pop in the bat to project 10-15 HR type power, 48 OFP, will go as far as bat goes, verbal to UCLA.

2B, Austin James, (Free), Bloomingdale Senior HS, Valrico FL, 6'1 180, R/R, qk bat with sting to LF, runs well underway, solid arm strength and range for 2b or SS, project to 2B, type of frame to get bigger and stronger, actions good enough to move to OF possibily, 45 OFP, verbal to FIU.

LHP, Mitchell Stone, (Pride), 6'9 235, Shawnee HS, Shawnee OK, a big'un, not real fluid but what his delivery presently shows is enough to follow for 2017, he's older for his grad year, arm slot from upper 3/4, most fb were 86 touch 88 on occ when out front, downer type cb from 1 to 6, teased on straight change, control is fair for now, showed enough coordination to warrant the follow-has verbal to Oklahoma State, 40 OFP.

CF/1B, William Benson, (Stars), Westminster School, Atlanta GA, 6'5 220, L/L, fluid athlete with qk twitch actions, loose arm with solid strength and carry, ranges well in CF, will probably move to RF in pro ball, runs well once underway, 4.2 from left side, qk compact stroke with slight upper cut, showed vulnerability to off speed stuff but attacks the fb, interesting for 2016, 48 OFP - verbal to Duke.

Update: Sunday, May 17, 2015.

Ran into former ML player and scout I had first met in Omaha in 2001, Mitch Webster today, while watching the Carolina League, Mudcats vs Myrtle Beach. Mitch is with the KC Royals now as a scout.

As heard earlier in the week, the Mudcats traveling back home were involved in an accident, injuring several players, including prospect, RHP, Lucas Sims. Most of the players will be out up to 5 weeks, some worse than others. Not a lot of details due to legalities.

ACC Tourney is this week and I'm going to Durham to check it out!

Back with some reports after it's over with.

Tues, April 21, 2015

May 1, 2015, I will be going back to see once again, Isaiah White, OF, Greenfield School (Wilson NC), 5'11 175 R/R, again, this kid can really run, he has arm strength with a wrapping throwing motion and he has decent instincts in the OF, reminds me some of Gary Pettis in body style and speed wise, his bat goes to the ball and squares it up well, occ power is there to hit 4-7 HR in ML someday, I would like to see him face elite pitching to see how he adjusts as he dominates his current level of competition, his overall grades come out to a 50 due to 70 speed and 65 range, present grades, 20/50 hit, 45 arm, 30 power, type of frame to fill out a bit more with maturity, has a very pleasant attitude about him. Commit to E Carolina. Will need time to develop, 4-6 year guy in development, will benefit greatly from pro exposure.

Wednesday, April 15

Well another top pitching prospect besides Brady Aiken, went down to TJ surgery recently, RHP, Reilly Hovis from UNC-Chapel Hill recently went under the knife and here's hoping he makes a speedy and full recovery and is better than ever. Reilly has a plus breaking ball and solid fb and his control and command are ML caliber.

I haven't been out much to be honest this season however, I've taken in a few Carolina League games and saw Braves RHP Lucas Sims, whom I first saw in Cary in HS tourney 4 years back. He returned to the Carolina League this year and increased his velo a touch, touching 96 a few times in a recent outing vs Salem Sox. His change is still improving and his breaking ball, he throws two of them, the slider and curveball, his cb is a solid out pitch. He reminds me some of former ML pitcher John Smoltz, but totally two different deliveries, but the competitiveness and easy delivery are comparable.

I should be getting out to see some more action and will be catching the NCHS state tourneys in Zebulon in June.

Sunday, April 5

Well guess what folks? Yep, Matuella is done for the year with TJ surgery!! Not surprising since my last post in February when we had some pretty cold and wintry weather after teams got outdoors and started intrasquad games, etc.

Prospects should all learn from these arm injuries as they've become more prevalent than in years past. Everyone wants a shot at being seen and being seen early and the pressure of the big bucks and getting the exposure for the ML Draft seems to be put ahead of a player/pitcher being in optimal shape and ready for a full season. Each pitching/playing outing should be gradual, with pitch counts and playing time monitored until every player/pitcher is in the proper shape. Even if it means moving back the baseball season in both HS and College. If the season were moved back, what harm would it be? Really?!! You could get more football players and basketball players out for baseball when their seasons are over with and they would be in proper baseball playing shape, instead of rushed to start playing. Arms and legs have to be in optimal shape folks, or we are going to keep having the increase of TJ surgery for pitchers and other position players getting injured as well because they are not in proper shape, with oblique and lower leg and back injuries. It takes time for muscles to get warm and ready and it's been this way since I started playing youth ball in 1970 and with the rush of getting games in before school ends, etc., all it's done is became a haven for injuries and draft status for top prospects to be put on the shelf. Get real folks and do something about the season starting time and get back to the basics, or continue to watch the increase of TJ surgery and other injury bugs.

Monday, February, 23, 2015.

Well folks, I ain't been out yet. Winter has been keeping me indoors along with business and driving the bottom line as the top line has been keeping my restaurant hopping since mother nature started with the cooler winter than normal along with some sleet and snow last week.

I saw where the local 4 year and 2 year schools were working out outdoors, which is fine and dandy, but some of the top arms to see this spring, one of whom came off some rest over the summer for a back condition, Matuella of Duke, is now shut down temporarily with a slight arm strain after pitching on the west coast in front of many ML Crosscheckers and some Scouting Bosses. That's cool, but guess what folks? In my 30 plus years as a scout and former pitcher, arms are not ready to go out in less than ideal weather conditions and pitch counts have to be watched along with proper arm care and keeping the arm covered. This is not happening as evidenced by Matuella having a slight arm strain and I'm not saying that the weather caused that or lack of attention from proper arm care was neglected, what I'm saying is it is too early and pitchers need to be put on pitch counts, no matter what the status of the pitcher may be for the ML teams, etc. I've seen way too many pitching prospects go down early only to have mediocre careers in MLB or even the minors. Andrew Brackman, Mark Prior, Michael Matz (still bouncing back with Mets) and the list will go on and on. Coaches need to wise up a bit more and not succumb to what the area scouts demand on seeing prospects and so forth in late winter, it's not even spring yet folks. Yeah, I know, the California and Florida area guys are playing so should we, huh? NO! The season needs to be pushed back a bit and pitch counts to 50 pitches the first two starts of the year for any pitcher should be mandatory until the weather is more consistent and conditioning needs to be top priority before any team plays their first collegiate/high school game and make it March 1 or March 30 as the first regular season game mandatory. Why? When does MLB start? How many exhibition games does MLB play? What are the number of pitches a ML starter makes his first start in spring training? Get my drift?

It appears I won't be seeing any action probably until the NHSI starts in Cary, late March and I'll get to see some of the teams from outside the US play at the same complex in Cary. Yippee!! :)


RHP Reilly Hovis, UNC, 6'3 195, Max effort guy with decent stuff (reliever) and fb that touches low 90's on occ, mostly 89-91, hard slurvy cb and straight change, throws strikes and competes, will be one of top starters for UNC for spring 2015.

OF Skye Bolt, UNC, 6'2 185, S/R, speedy OF with decent instincts and upside, room to fill out still with nice lean athletic frame, can really run, better on the way, had a down year stat wise in 2014, but has the ability to put the bat on the ball to the alleys and occ power to the foul lines, shows solid to abv ave arm strength, possible 4-7 round guy for 2015 or better.

RHP Trent Thornton, UNC, 6'0 175, quick arm from upper 3/4 arm slot, touches low 90's on occ, fb fairly true, competitor on the hill, hard downer type cb with solid command, needs to be fine with his pitches and pitch to the mit, not overpowering enough, but is still learning and should adjust with more experience.

RHP, Benton Moss, UNC, 6'2 190, R/R, flash from Rocky Mount, Benton has a fb that will reach 95 on occ, most fb are 91-92 early in the game and his best pitch is a yellow hammer, however, his command and consistency is what has held him back from reaching full potential thus far, but in his career in two years at UNC, he's done very well, his better years are ahead of him as he's starting to fill out his frame and add some stamina and strength to become a legit 3-4 man in a ML rotation. Also has the 3rd pitch working but still in development stage. 1-3 round projection guy for 2014.

RHP, Taylore Cherry, UNC, 6'8 270, R/R, will have to monitor if he comes back for soph season, he's an eligible soph in 2014, Taylore didn't get much action for UNC in the spring of 2013, but when he did he made the most of it, touching 93-94 with his downhill plane 3/4 arm slot and hard breaking ball that at times could be a plus plus pitch, consistency with release point and keeping his delivery together is still a work in progress, but he's scary how good he could become. 4-7 round type projection, but could move up the ladder come 2014!

RHP Michael Matuella, Duke, 6'6 225, solid arm strength, will touch low 90's early in the game, mostly 91-92 with some arm side run on occ, must get good leverage and repeat his delivery consistently to be effective a tthe next level, should improve with pro exposure, shows solid slide piece and control.

1b Matt Dacey, Richmond, 6'3 210, L/R, transfered from Michigan after frosh year, solid strength and power from left side of the plate, runs ok, not a burner, has enough arm and fielding ability to get to ML, will need to work on facing lefties more and cut back on his aggressiveness, better plate discipline needed. Definite follow.

3b-OF, Dillon Dobson, Appalachian St, 6'1 220, L/R, strong, aggressive hitter with power to the alleys and adjusts well enough to get to the next level, has solid arm strength, not flashy, just gets it done, runs ok, not going to steal many bases, may on an occ, will get there because of his bat and tenacity as a player.

RHP/OF, Clark Cota,Topsail HS, NC, 6'1 195, R/R, was very glad to see him in this event, he's going to be a stud, very good arm, runs solid and has some pop in his bat, I doubt he see UNC in 2015 unless he regresses quickly and I don't see that. Low 90's fb, has a hammer in the makings and can hit and runs well enough to be a corner OF guy or or corner IF guy if pitching struggles. Bonafide stud for 2015. First seen at NCHSAA 1-3 A tourney in Zebulon NC. RHP, Clark Cota, from Topsail HS, Hampstead, NC, near the Topsail beach area of eastern carolina, the Pirates. Strong fan alliance and team comraderie. He's listed at 6'1 205, more like 6'1 plus and lean 190 or so, loose arm from upper 3/4, quick, easy delivery on fb, fights it on his cb, proper spin/bite on cb, just needs work on release points and some confidence, his fb was upper 80's mostly, touched 90 a few times early in the game, keeps the ball down and in on hitters, competitor and is a 2015 to be grad. Many coaches from NC in attendance, including, Mike Fox from UNC-CH, and E Carolina assistant coach, as well as some other smaller schools in NC D1, D2 and NJCAA. Clark is a R/R, has some pop in his bat as well, short level stroke, hits with power to LF/LC and can go with the pitch to RF as well. Keep an eye on him this summer and next spring. D1 coaches are all over him already, scouts have his name.

RHP, Benton Moss, UNC, 6'2 190, R/R, flash from Rocky Mount, Benton has a fb that will reach 95 on occ, most fb are 91-92 early in the game and his best pitch is a yellow hammer, however, his command and consistency is what has held him back from reaching full potential thus far, but in his career in two years at UNC, he's done very well, his better years are ahead of him as he's starting to fill out his frame and add some stamina and strength to become a legit 3-4 man in a ML rotation. Also has the 3rd pitch working but still in development stage. 1-3 round projection guy for 2014.

RHP, Taylore Cherry, UNC, 6'8 270, R/R, will have to monitor if he comes back for soph season, he's an eligible soph in 2014, Taylore didn't get much action for UNC in the spring of 2013, but when he did he made the most of it, touching 93-94 with his downhill plane 3/4 arm slot and hard breaking ball that at times could be a plus plus pitch, consistency with release point and keeping his delivery together is still a work in progress, but he's scary how good he could become. 4-7 round type projection, but could move up the ladder come 2014!

I plan on seeing Louisburg College, Mount Olive College, Wake Tech as well as the local Universities in the coming weeks as weather cooperates and my schedule allows me. If you are an old timer scout like me, stop by and say hi to me if you see me and like wise to be sure! :)

I may even get to see a few local high school games this spring as there is an OF in Durham and Wilson that are being heavily recruited and in Baseball America's Top 100 HS list for 2015.

These guys I saw last summer or spring and probably won't see them this year unless they come out in the 100 mile area I cover on my own, out of pocket, for the LOVE of the GAME!

RHP-C Matt Dittman, Rice, 6'1 205, R/R, solid prospect with low 90's fb and hard slide piece from upper 3/4 slot, also shows ability behind the plate and has enough pop in his bat to be a solid backup receiver in the bigs. Keep an eye on him in 2015.

LHP Blake Fox, Rice, 6'4 220, L/L, another long list of Owl pitching prospects, Foxy touches 92 on occ with his FB, had a low era last spring and is around the plate and knows how to pitch. Good angle and finish on his pitches, best pitch is his change and curveball.
LHP Dylan Craig, Illinois St, 6'3 210, smart lefty with upside, most fb are 88-90 with arm side run/sink, will touch 91-92 early in games, shows some similarities to Mark Buerhle, best pitch is change up.

RHP Kyle Davis, USC, 6' 190, R/R, solid control and know how on the hill, touches low 90's most fb 90-91 and true, also hard cb with eratic command at present, chance to be solid prospect quickly, depending on development of off-speed pitches and stamina.

LHP Jason Richman, Georgia Southern, 6'3 210, another lefty with enough stuff to get to the next level, pitches at 87-89 mostly, will bump it up to 91 on occ, solid change up he can throw when he wants from 3/4 arm slot, good arm speed on all his pitches to deceive hitters.

RHP Jimmy Herget, U So Florida, 6'3 165, R/R, whippet type body, room to fill out in time, 3/4 arm slot with 88-92 fb, most are 89-90 early and straight, will run fb down and in vs RHH, also loopy type cb that is improving, should be followed closely next spring.

C-3b-1b Jameson Fisher, SE Louisiana, 6'2 195, L/R, level stroke from left side with alley power, slight upper cut in his swing, generates good pop, runs ok, 4.35 from left side, ave arm strength and solid glove, best suited for 3b or the OF.

3b-2b Mark Mathias, Cal Poly, 6' 185, R/R, solid bat with occ power to alleys, ave arm strength and actions are good enough to be competent fielder to get to the next level. Runs ok, 4.4 from right side, appears to be better between the bases.

OF Tate Matheny, Missouri St, 6'0 190, R/R, good bloodlines, can hit with occ gap power, plus arm strength and ave runner at best, not a burner, will go as far as bat takes him, best suited for the corner OF.

OF Gary Russo, Miami-Ohio, 6'1 220, R/R, solid power and good approach as a hitter, tends to overswing at times, has enough arm strength and ability as a fielder to get to the next level, runs well enough, not going to be a base stealer. Will go as far as his bat takes him.

RHP-1b Corbin Olmstead, North Florida, 6'3 210, R/R, solid hitter with abv ave power to alleys, runs fair and solid ML arm, also one of top pitchers for Osprey program and Smoke Laval.

If-OF Austin Listi, Dallas Baptist, 6' 200, R/R, solid hitter with power to the alleys, runs well underway, 4.4 from RH side, adequate arm strength to be solid corner OF or play corner IF spot or possibly 2b in pro ball. Keep an eye on him, will go as far as bat takes him.

RHP Michael Letkewicz, Augustana SD, 6'4 215, R/R, prototype body and downhill plane from 3/4 arm slot, fb touches low 90's, solid downer type cb and throws strikes, is deceptive to get swings and misses, will be one of top midwest arms to follow for 2015.

RHP Riley Farrell, TCU 6'1 240, power arm, low to mid 90's fb, most fb are straight, easy read on his pitches, destined to be a closer/reliever but needs more deception and improvement on his breaking ball and command to get to the next level.

SS Alex Bregman, LSU, 6'1 185, R/R, scrappy, hard nosed player, gets most of his ability, runs solid ave and throws well enough to play any IF position or move to the OF, has alley type power and instincts to steal bases, will go as far as his bat takes him, possible day 1 pick in 2015.

OF-DH DJ Stewart, Florida St, 5'11 230, L/R, strength is his bat, a bit of same body as Fielder, a bit quicker however running speed wise, shows enough fielding ability to not embarass himself, classic DH type currently, short stroke with alley power. Interesting player to follow.

RHP Kyle Funkhouser, Louisville, 6'3 220, R/R, has filled out a bit since HS days, improved velocity from upper 80s-low 90's in HS to mid 90's at UL, hard slider and upper 3/4 arm slot, fb tends to straighten out when he overthrows, must stay within himself and stay ahead in the counts. Definite day 1 pick for 2015.

RHP Justin Garza, Cal Fullerton, 5'11 170, R/R, not the prototype pitching frame, but a quick resilient arm from 3/4 that touches 94-95 on occ, hard cb with decent command, has good demeanor to go far in pro ball.

RHP Walker Buehler, Vanderbilt, 6'1 160, quick arm from upper 3/4 slot, touches low to mid 90's on occ, with hard breaking ball and ave command of his pitches, tends to rush himself and get pitches up early in the count, should adjust with further experience.

RHP Carson Fulmer, Vanderbilt, 5'11 195, bulldog on the bump, touches 95 on occ with fb, most fb are true, some giddy up in the zone and in vs RHH, hard breaking ball and solid change, shows command to excel at the next level, pitches within himself with some effort at times, may be destined to a short man role in the ML.

2b Dansby Swanson, Vanderbilt, 6'1 190, R/R, classic swing w/alley power, runs well once underway, 4.28 from right side, shows ave arm strength, enough arm strength to move to 3b or the OF, not the range to play SS, best suited at 2b, shows some similarities to Ian Kinsler (Tigers/Rangers).

First top prospect I liked during TOS 2014:

OF, Daz Cameron, R/R, 6'3 190, Eagles Landing Chr Acad, McDonough, GA, nice easy runner with swift speed, 4.2 from right side and surprising power to the alleys, plus arm strength, 55 from the OF with gliding range to either side very well and appeared to adjust in 2 strike counts. I see a Fla St commit verbally, but this kid won't see that next spring. He's a lil ahead of where his father was in HS when Mike was drafted, my take is Daz could go in top 3-5 picks in next year's draft right now. Anything can happen before 2015, but this kid is the real deal.

RHP, Luken Baker, 6'4 230, R/R, max effort guy on his fb, but good arm and throws strikes, challenges hitters,, attends Oak Ridge HS, in Spring TX, verbal TCU commit, fb tails with in on RHH, sat at 90-93, maxed at 94 a couple times, appears to be some comparisons to Adam Lynn from Brownsburg IN ala Ole Miss and now STL front line starter. Keep an eye on this one for 2015.

3B, John Aiello, Lansdale HS, PA, 6'3 200, S/R, nice arm and sure hands from corner, also plays SS, shows some patience as a hitter and surprising alley power to LF, running speed just ok, 4.52 out of box to 1b, said to run better but not to me visually, but who cares, he can hit and throw and field enuf for the next level, verbal to Wake Forest for 2015.

C, Wyatt Cross, Broomfield Legacy HS, CO, 6'2 190, L/R, plus plus arm and release, bat has a bit of a hole in it, can catch and throw with many ML catchers now, but bat will be the only hold back at present, there is bat speed, but contact frequency will be main issue moving forward. Love his attitude and how he receives for sure. UNC verbal, that's funny, he won't see that campus again unless it's a free football weekend in the fall.

RHP, Joe DeMers, College Park HS, CA, 6'1 220, nice and easy delivery with arm side run and sink when down, was up to 94-95 a few pitches early, is a low 90's guy with opp to be a front line guy, but for me there is some comparisons to Vance Worley (Phils, Twins, now Pirates, righty) - there is some room for improvement here, and the sky is the max for him. Breaking pitch was just ok for me but it's pitchable.

OF, DJ Wilson, Canton South HS, OH, 5'10 170, L/L, really quick more quickness than overall speed, ran 4.18 from left side and got to balls hit very well and threw ok from the OF, 45 arm at present, a touch better there still I'm sure, shows a verbal to Vandy, CWS champs for 2014, but if this kid improves in 2015 with bat and overall strength, he won't see Vandy campus.

RHP, Beau Burrows, Weatherford HS, Tex, 6'1 1/2 195, loose and easy arm action, touches 96-97, most fb were 93-94 with some boring life at times but this kids' fb has ZIP! Command and control were good enough on this day and threw a few cement mixer breaking balls that are adequate but can improve and a show me straight change, the secondary and third pitch stuff need improvement, but the arm strength and delivery are there to work with for sure.

OF, Trenton Clark, 6'0 200, L/L, Richland HS, Ft Worth TX, can run very well and has some pop in his bat, his arm is definitely strong enough for the corner OF spots, has enough instincts and range to be competent fielder and runs well enough to be a base stealer and his bat speed is there, some comps to Jay Bruce of the Reds, now that is pretty good company to be talked about.

OF, Reggie Pruitt, Kennesaw Mountain HS, GA, 6' 170, R/R, can really run, 4.10 from right side, and there is some pop in his bat and enough range and throwing ability to play CF in ML or even the corners, but power, not that is an area with a huge opportunity, but he hits well enough to get into a lineup, some comps to Lorenzo Cain of KC Royals, Reggie has frame to get bigger and stronger with natural maturation, and skills to improve to be a very good ML CF in time.

OF, Jahmai Jones, Wesleyan HS, Roswell GA, 6'0 200, R/R, some athletic talent here with plus running speed on the way, shows enough arm and power to be a vital prospect down the line, but there are opportunities for pitch recognition and improving awareness as a fielder. Power is there during BP and shows arm strength and pure running speed, just needs to put it all together.

IF, Brandon Perez, Mater Dei HS, CA, 6' 175, R/R, hasn't gotten any bigger since stepping on national scene as a freshman with team that won event in Cary a couple years back, Brandon has ave to better than ave arm strength, knows how as a fielder with very good instincts and lateral movement, bat goes to the ball very well and some power potential there, may end up at 2b or in the OF or hot corner.

Tournament of Stars - Reports Archives since 2008 - present. Last number is Overall Projected grade on 20-80 ML Scale.


All Reports are snipets and abbreviated with my OFP (Overall Future Potential grade)

Matt Davidson,IF/RHP,R/R,6'3 210, AABC, Yucaipa HS, CA, a bit stiff, legit pwr, 47

Deven Marrero, SS, R/R, 6'1 180, AABC, Am Heritage HS, FLA, smooth fielder, ok bat, 44

Tyler Matzek, LHP L/L, 6'3 185, AABC, Capistrano Valley HS, CA, lefty w/loose arm, touches 93, 52

Mike Trout, OF/RHP, R/R, 6' 190, AABC, Millville HS, NJ, runs well, 4.0, 45 arm, qk bat, hard nosed, 55

Jacob Turner, RHP, R/R, 6'4 205, AABC, Westminster Chr Ac, MO, loose arm, big cb, touches 91, 50

Jiovanni Mier, SS, R/R 6'2 170, Babe Ruth, Bonita HS, CA, ok glove, 4.45 run, ave arm, 45

Max Stassi C, R/R, R/R, 5'10 190, Babe Ruth, Yuba City HS, CA, plugger, catch n throw, 50, hits well

Andrew Susac, C, R/R, 6'1 190, Babe Ruth, Jesuit HS, CA, sound mechanics, pop in bat, 50 arm, 48

Isaac Ballou, OF, L/R, 6'2 185, NABF, Nansemond-Suffolk HS, VA, ok glove, 4.2 run, near ave ML arm, 44

Dane Phillips, C/OF, L/R, 6'1 195, NABF, Nacodoches HS, TX, arm strength and power, raw, 45

Adam Plutko, RHP, R/R, 6'3 175, NABF, Glendora HS, CA, 2010, loose, easy del, upper 80's touches 90, 45

Reed Gragnani, SS-2B, S/R, 5'10 180, NABF, Mills Godwin HS, VA, good instincts, hustler, 45

Jacob Marisnick, OF, R/R, 6'4 200, NABF, Glendora HS, CA, good size, runs well, 48

Jake Barrett, RHP, R/R 6'3 235, USA Stars, Desert Ridge HS, AZ, arm strength, low 90's w/life, ok cb, 48

Randal Grichuk, OF, R/R, 6'1 195, USA Stars, Lamar HS Houston, TX, runs plus, solid arm, qk bat, 50

Matt Hobgood, RHP, R/R, 6'4 245, USA Stars, Norco HS, CA, thick body, arm strength, max effort, 48, touches 92

Matthew Purke, LHP, L/L, 6'3 180, USA Stars, Klein HS, Houston TX, smooth lefty, thin body, touches 92, 55

Marcus Littlewood, SS-3B, 6'2 185, S/R, Am Legion, Pineville HS, UT, 2010, decent mech as hitter, ok glove, 50

Austin Maddox,C/RHP, R/R, 6'2 220, Am Legion, Eagles View Ac, FL, good size, solid arm, a bit stiff, touches 94

Jeff Malm, 1B/OF/LHP, L/L, 6'3 225, Am Legion, Bishop Gorman HS, Las Vegas NV, solid bat, pwr, arm strength, 47

Keenyn Walker, OF, S/R, 6'2 190, Am Legion, Judge Memorial HS, UT, runs well 4.2 from L side, 45 arm, OFP 44

Nick Franklin, SS/2B, S/R, 6'1 170, Dixie, Lake Brantley HS, FL, smooth field, ok arm and speed, qk bat, 48

Patrick Schuster, LHP, R/L, 6'2 165, Dixie, JW Mitchell HS FL, gd arm speed, touches 91, x-body, 45

Richie Shaffer, 3B/OF, R/R, 6'3 190, Dixie, Provid-Cath HS, Charlotte NC, bat, sound mechs at plate and IF, 48

Donavan Tate, OF, R/R, 6'3 200, Dixie, Cartersville HS, GA, gd body, strong, arm strength, pwr, bat needs works, 48

LeVon Washington, 2B/CF, L/R, 5'10 170, Dixie, Bucholz HS, FL, qk bat, runs well 4.1, ok arm, strong, 48

Michael Zunino, C, R/R, 6'2 190, Dixie, Mariner HS, FL, solid glove, level bat w/strength, 55 arm, projectible, 52

Evan Marshall, RHP, R/R, 6'2 195, Pony, Homestead HS, CA, arm strength, touches 92, gd arm speed, x-body, 47

Jameson Taillon, RHP, R/R, 6'5 230, Pony, The Woodlands HS, TX, 2010, arm speed, downhill, hard cb/sl, projectible, 55

Ray Hanson, RHP, R/R, 6'7 200, RBI, Wilson HS, CA, loose arm, x-body some, touches 92, room to grow, 48

Reggie Golden, OF, R/R, 5'10 195, RBI, Wetumpka HS, AL, 2010, strong build, runs well, 45-50 arm, pwr, 48

Jonathan Singleton, 1B, L/L, 6'2 215, RBI, Millikan HS, CA, young, good glove, sound hitter, some pwr, 50

Tyler Skaggs, LHP, L/L, 6'4 175, RBI, Santa Monica HS CA, loose, gd arm speed, touches 90, projectible, good rot on cb, 50


Dylan Covey,RHP, R/R, 6'2 200, Babe Ruth, Marantha HS CA, smooth, gd arm speed, delivery, touches 92, 50

Travis Harrison, OF/IF, R/R, 6'2 215, Babe Ruth, Tustin HS, CA, gd bat strength, qk, Line drive pwr, throws ok, runs well for size, 2011, 50

Luke Jackson, RHP, R/R, 6'2 170, Babe Ruth, Calvary Chr HS, FL, loose, x-body some, qk arm touches low 90's, 50

Matthew Lipka, SS/OF, R/R, 6'1 190, Babe Ruth, McKinney HS, TX, runs well, stiff swing, some strength, 45.

Stefan Sabol, C/OF, R/R, 6'2 205, Babe Ruth, Alison Niguel HS, CA, good size, some arm, some pwr, ok bat, 44

Andrew Cole, RHP, R/R, 6'5 190, DIXI, Oviedo HS, FL, loose w/arm speed, touches 92, proper bite on cb, room to fill out, 50

Nicholas Delmonico, IF/C, L/R, 6'3 195, DIXIE, Farragut HS, TN, gd arm strength, bat speed, some pwr, gd instincts, 50

Zach Lee, RHP, R/R, 6'4 195, DIXIE, McKinney HS TX, loose, touches 93, decent mech, also FB QB, 55.

Robbie Ray, LHP, L/L, 6'3 175, DIXIE, Brentwood HS TN, loose, gd arm speed, touches 92, x-bd some, 52

Karsten Whitson, RHP, R/R, 6'3 185, DIXIE, Chipley HS FL, gd arm speed, touches 92, stiff upper, proper cb, x-bdy some, room to grow, stiff front side, 48

Jesse Biddle, LHP, L/L, 6'2 220, PONY, Germantown Fields HS PA, lefty w/arm speed, x-bd some, touches 92, proper bite on cb, room to grow to 250, 51

AJ Vanegas,RHP/IF, R/R, 6'3 200, PONY, Redwood Chr. HS, CA, good frame, solid arm, touches 92, some pop in bat, upper cut, runs ok 4.4 from RH, 48.

Drew Vettleson, OF/P, L/L, PONY, Central Kitsap HS CA, throws both ways, can switch hit, arm strength, good instincts, gamer, 48

Christian Yelich, OF, L/R, 6'4 190, PONY, Westlake HS CA, qk bat, runs well underway, solid arm, gd instincts, 48

Nick Castellanos, 3B, R/R, 6'4 200, USA Stars, Archbishop McCarthy HS, FL, solid bat, pwr to alleys, 50 arm, gd glove, ranges both sides well, 55.

Garin Cecchini, SS/3B, L/R, USA Stars, Barbe HS, LA, gd hit, pwr is there, solid arm, runs ok, better underway, will need to move to corner in ML, 55.

Drew Cisco, RHP, L/R, 6'2 190, USA Stars, Wando HS SC, knows how on hill, proper bite on cb, throws strikes, touches 92, 48.

Kavin Keyes, 2B-SS S/R, 5'9 175, USA Stars, Alta HS UT, scrappy, qk bat, runs ok, 4.3 from RH, 45

Deandre Smelter, RHP, R/R, 6'3 210, USA Stars, Tattnall School GA, solid arm, touched 95, x-bd some, not real confident out there, athletic strong build, room to grow to 6'4 230, needs help on hill, 48

Kevin Gausman, RHP, L/R, 6'4 185, AABC, Grandview Aurora HS CO, good frame to fill out, solid fb, 93-94, proper bite and rot on cb and shows control, x-bd some, 55.

Manny Machado, SS, R/R, 6'3 190, AABC, Brito Miami Private FL, solid skills, smooth field, runs 4.3, plus arm, qk bat w/loft pwr, 55

Austin Wilson, OF, R/R, 6'4 215, AABC, Harvard-Westlake HS CA, room to grow, qk bat w/loft pwr, solid arm, runs ok 4.4 from RH, projectible, 50

Kris Bryant, 3B/1B/OF, R/R, 6'5 200, Am Legion, Bonanza HS NV, qk bat w/strength & pwr, ave arm, decent glove and lateral range, 50

Bryce Harper, C/1B, L/R, 6'3 210, Am Legion, Las Vegas HS, NV, qk bat w/pwr, plus arm and catch n throw skills, wears sleeve on right arm, plus hitter, young, 2011, 60

Phillip Pfeifer III, LHP, L/L, 6' 190, Am Legion, Farragut HS TN, bulldog, competes, max eff, touches 91, throws strikes and changes speeds, cb chance to be ML pitch, 45

Michael Wacha, RHP, 6'5 195, Am Legion, Pleasant Grove HS, TX, loose, qk arm, some x-b in del, changes speeds, touches 92 on occ, frame to fill out, 50

Jadamion "J.D." Williams, 2B/SS, S/R, 6'1 185, Am Legion, Brooks-DeBartolo HS, FL, qk bat, runs well underway, decent arm, gd range, may need to move to OF, 45

Bobby Wahl, RHP, R/R, 6'3 195, NABF, West Springfield HS VA, gd arm speed and velo 93, hard downer, fair command and control, rushes some, pro ball w/aid in dev, 52

Cody Buckel,RHP, R/R, 6'1 170, RBI, Royal HS, CA, qk arm, x-bdy some 87-91, hard cb w/ decent control, projectible frame, 48

Matt Duffy, SS/2B, R/R, 6'2 170, RBI, Lakewood HS CA, frame to get stronger, qk bat, solid glove & arm, 50 runner, OFP 50

Deion Williams, SS, R/R, 6'3 180, R/R, RBI, Redan HS GA, qk bat, solid arm, moves well @ SS, frame to get stronger in time, 47, 2011 follow.


Albert Almora, CF, R/R, 6'3 180, Babe Ruth, Mater Academy FL, instincts, qk bat, frame to get stronger, projectible frame, 2012, 50.

Tyler Beede, RHP R/R, 6'4 200, Babe Ruth, Lawrence Acad MA, loose, 91-92 on occ, proper bite on cb, solid control for size, projectible frame to get stronger, 55

Austin Hedges, C, R/R, 5'10 160, Babe Ruth, Jserra HS CA, catch n throw, qk bat, frame to get stronger, good instincts, 1.8 pop times, 52

Henry Owens, LHP, L/L, 6'5 185, Babe Ruth, Edison HS CA, loose, x-bd some touches 92, proper bite on downer type cb, throws strikes, deceptive, frame to get bigger in time, 55.

Greg Bird, C, L/R, 6'4 220, DIXIE, Grandview HS CO, solid frame, has arm strength, 1.9 pop, pop in bat, some pwr to alleys, 48

Gavin Cecchini, SS/2b, R/R, 6'1 165, DIXIE, 2012, Barbe HS LA, gamer, plus instincts, solid tools, qk bt, will hit, 55

Dillon Maples, RHP, 6'1 175, DIXIE, Pinecrest HS NC, seen a few times in HS, x-bdy some, touches 93, has proper bite on cb, rushes some in delivery, developmental guy, 44

Max Povse, RHP, R/R, 6'8 190, DIXIE, Green Hope HS NC, thin frame, loose arm w/arm speed, touches 89-90, college guy now, should improve, follow, 45.

Dante Bichette Jr., INF/RHP, R/R, 6'1 215, NABF, Orangewood HS FL, some pop in his bat, solid arm strength, a lil stiffness in mechancis on hill, doesn't get good extension on swings, marginal guy, 40 runner, OFP 45

Nick Burdi, RHP, R/R, 6'3 175, NABF, Downers Grove South HS IL, qk arm with hard slider, solid control, a lil funk to delivery, 90-93, will get bigger and stronger, 52

Courtney Hawkins, OF/RHP, R/R, 6'2 205, NABF, CC Carroll HS TX, athletic frame, max eff on hill, shows qk bat w/strength, runs well underway, 4.2 runner from RH, 2012 follow, better as OF, 50

Daniel Mengden, C/RHP, R/R, 6'1 180, NABF, Westside HS, TX, gamer, shows arm strength, best shot as catcher, has feel on hill, fair hitter, some occ pwr, 46

Christian Montgomery, RHP, 6'1 240, NABF, Lawrence Central HS IN, some effort, fb touches 94, fair command, proper bite/rotation on cb, control is fair, x-bdy, a bit stiff upper, strong follow, 48

Phillip Evans, SS/3B/2B, R/R, 5'10 185, USA Stars, La Costa Canyon HS CA, qk bat, runs ok, better OTW, solid arm, gamer, good instincts, 48

Tyler Goeddel, RHP, R/R, 6'4 170, USA Stars, St Francis HS, CA, loose arm, frame to fill out, best shot on hill, will touch 91 on occ, cb in dev stage, college first, development guy, 45.

Chris Harvey, C, R/R, 6'4 205, USA Stars, Germantown HS PA, good skills, solid arm, some pop in bat, not a qk bat, will depend on def skills to advance, 45.

Joe Ross, RHP, R/R, 6'2 170, USA Stars, Bishop O'Dowd HS CA, loose arm w/velo touches 92, proper bite on cb, throws strikes, brother Tyson, keep an eye on him, 50

Michael Lorenzen, OF/RHP, R/R, 6'1 175, AABC, Fullerton HS CA, loose arm w/strength and carry, some pop in bat, runs ok, 4.4 from RH, frame to get stronger, 48

Austin Cousino, OF, L/L, 5'11 170, Am Legion, Dublin Coffman HS OH, gamer, qk bat, some arm strength, ave runner, interesting to follow, 44

Brandon Nimmo, OF, L/R, 6'3 185, Am Legion, East HS WY, qk bat, runs well, line stroke alley pwr, throws well enough, room to fill out with maturity, 50

Blake Swihart, C/OF/RHP, S/R, 6' 175, Am Legion, Cleveland HS NM, catch and throw skills solid, 1.88 pop, qk bat, goes to all fields, disciplined hitter, 55, solid.

Dan Vogelbach, 1B, L/R, 6'1 240, Am Legion, Bishop Verot HS FL, bad body but can hit, pwr to all fields, gamer, arm is marginal, solid glove, fair range, max eff guy, will goes as far as bat takes him, 44

Francisco Lindor, SS, S/R, 5'11 175, Pony, Montverde HS FL, qk bat, runs ave, better on the way, solid "D", qk step either side, will be solid ML field, 55.

Lance McCullers, L/R, 6'1 180, Am Legion, Tampa Jesuit HS FL, max effort fb touches 95 on occ, hard downer cb, throws strikes, fearless, good bloodlines, should fill out frame some, 55.

Robert Stephenson, RHP, R/R, 6'2 185, Pony, Alhambra HS CA, qk arm w/strength, touches 93, hard cb, command is fair for now, should improve with pro exposure, 50

Jesse Winker, lB/OF, L/L, 6'2 180, Pony, Olympia HS FL, qk bat, goes opp way, runs better OTW, solid arm, will need to play LF or 1B in ML, will goes as far as bat takes him, 48

Amir Garrett, LHP, R/L, 6'5 175, RBI, Leuzinger HS CA, loose, gd arm speed, touches 92, big frame to fill out, cb w/prop rotation, decent command, development guy, also basketball in picture, 50

Blake Hickman, C, R/R, 6'4 185, RBI, Simeon Voc School ILL, 2012, loose arm w/arm strength, decent catching skills, 1.95 pop, shows bat speed, a bit long of a swing, frame to get bigger and stronger, arm is loose, future on the mound?, 48

Taylor Gushue, C, S/R, 6'2 190, RBI, Calvary Chr HS, FL, 2012 catch n throw guy w/bat speed, 1.95 pop, receives well, will goes as far as bat takes him, 47.

Carlos Rodon, LHP, L/L, 6'2 210, RBI, Holly Springs HS NC, have seen since 2009 vs Apex was 84-88, this year was 88-91, loose, frame to fill out to 230, hard downer/slider action similar to Lefty Carlton, competes, throws strikes, cool customer, 55.


Stephen Gonsalves, LHP, L/L, 6'6 180, Babe Ruth, 2013, Cathedral Cath HS, San Marcos CA, tall, loose lefty slight cross front leg, fb upper 80's touches 92, proper bite and rot on cb and shows change on occ, projectible, 55.

Ty Moore, OF, L/R, 6'0 185, Babe Ruth, Mater Dei HS, CA, short quick swing with alley power and foul line HR power, runs well underway, adequate arm strength for corner OF slot, gamer, bring along slowly, 47.

Rio Ruiz, 3B/1B, L/R, 6'2 195, Babe Ruth, Bishop Amat HS, CAL, qk bat with line drive stroke, similar mechanics to Adrian Gonzalez, solid arm strength and glove, decent foot speed, not a burner, but knows how, 48.

Kyle Twomey, LHP, L/L, 6'3 165, Babe Ruth, El Dorado HS CA, loose lefty qith quick arm, across the body, fb touches 90 on occ, more there, hard slurvy breaking ball and ave control, tends to push the ball at times, projectible, should fill out lean frame in time, 48.

Rhett Wiseman, OF, L/R, 6'1 195, NABF, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, MA, qk compact stroke, near ave arm strength runs well underway, 4.3 from left, should get bigger and stronger, project to 6'2 215 in time, will go as far as bat takes him, good offensive skills, 48.

Lucas Giolito, RHP, R/R, 6'6 225, PONY, Harvard-Westlake HS CA, qk arm, tends to rush delivery and elbow drags, fb up to 96 with middle in life vs RHH, hard breaking ball, proper bite, fair command/control at present, should improve with more exposure in pro ball, 55.

Jeremy Martinez, C, R/R, 5'11 195, PONY, Mater Dei HS CA, strong stroke with power to LF alley, solid arm and shows enough quickness to be adequate catcher, 4.5 runner, should fill out frame, some mechanic similarities as a hitter to Albert Pujols, not the strength however. 45.

Stryker Trahan, C, L/R, 6'1 215, PONY, Acadiana HS, LA, runs well for his size with arm strength, lunges as a hitter, has strength and bat speed, raw catching mechanics, may need to change positions in pro ball, will go as far as bat takes him, 42.

Mitchell Traver, RHP, R/R, 6'7 245, PONY, Houston Christian, TX, tailing life on sinking fb up to 92 with decent bite/rotation on breaking ball, throws strikes, will rush at times with front side, projectible, similarities to Tim Stoddard, 50.

Nick Williams, OF, L/L, 6'2 185, PONY, Galveston Ball HS, TX, qk bat, hits to all fields, instinctive, runs well, better on the way, solid arm for either corner, can play CF well enough to stay there, may end up in LF or RF in ML, doesn't take many pitches, aggressive, shows alley power and will learn to loft the ball for HR power, 4.2 runner, 52.

Jesse Winker, OF, L/L, 6'3 200, PONY, Olympia HS, Orlando FL, strong build, quick bat, hits the ball to all fields, on the way runner with near ave ML arm, will play LF or 1B in pro ball, will go as far as his bat takes him, 50.

Kyle Funkhouser, RHP, R/R, 6'3 195, USA Stars, Oak Forest HS, ILL, throws easy downhill, touches 91, sink on fb when down in zone and hard bite on cb, throws strikes, will rush on occ, projectible, strong build to 6'4 230 in time, will increase velo with maturation, 50.

Nelson Rodriguez,, C-1B, R/R, 6'2 230, USA Stars, George Washington HS, NY, have seen for 2 years, has arm strength, best strengths are as a hitter with short power stroke and ability to hit, below ave runner, will end up at 1B in pro ball, will go as far as his bat takes him, 47.

Corey Seager, SS-3B, L/R, 6'3 195, Am Legion, Northwest Cabarrus HS, NC, have seen for 2 years, strong big frame, with qk bat, hits to all fields, will show power when he needs to, strong arm, runs well on the way and between the bases, good hands and fielding ability, lateral movement, may outgrow SS, will be solid hitter, 60.

Nick Travieso, RHP, R/R, 6'2 205, Am Legion, Archbishop McCarthy HS, FL, solid breaking ball and arm strength, touches 93 on occ, most fb are true, will sink when down, max effort, should fill out frame more, may end up in the bullpen, 50.

Max Fried, LHP/OF, L/L, 6'3 170, AABC, Montclair Prep, CA, loose lefty with sneaky qk fb, touches 90, hard bite on cb with decent control, room to fill out frame, 50.

Joey Gallo, 3B/1B/RHP, 6'5 205, L/R, AABC, Bishop Gorman HS, NV, long power stroke with solid ML arm, decent lateral range with glove, runs better on the way, big frame to fill out, touches 92 on the bump with max effort delivery and decent mechanics, 55.

Tate Matheny, OF, R/R, 5'11 170, AABC, Westminster Christian HS, TX, qk bat with alley power, runs well underway and shows arm strength, may grow a bit more, father is STL Manager, Mike Matheny, long arms and legs and big feet, will go as far as bat takes him, 47.

Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP, R/R, 6'4 200, AABC, Southwest Christian HS, TX, loose arm with decent downward motion, touches 92 on occ, most fb 89-90, proper bite and rotation on cb, shows good feel for pitching, development guy, should fill out with maturation and add velo, 50.

David Dahl, OF, L/R, 6'2 185, DIXIE, Oak Mountain HS AL, runs well, better on the way, solid arm srength, can play any OF position, qk line drive stroke with power potential, should become a decent pro with time and instruction, can steal a base, 52.

Carson Fulmer, RHP, R/R, 5'11 190, DIXIE, All Saints Academy, FL, bulldog, max effort, throws from downhill plane, wants the ball, hard downer type cb and shows ave control and command, touches 92 most fb are 90, no fear type, 50.

Addison Russell, SS/3B, R/R, 6' 185, DIXIE, Pace HS, FL, short stroke, runs well underway, 4.28 from right side, moves well laterally, enough arm for SS w/instincts, may add power as he advances into pro ball, 50.

Lucas Sims, RHP, R/R, 6'2 195, DIXIE, Brookwood HS, GA, hard downer cb and shows straight change on occ, throws strikes, fb touches 92 on occ, loose with qk arm, projectible, should get bigger and stronger with maturation, 55.

D.J. Stewart, OF/DH, L/R, 6' 215, DIXIE, Boles School, FL, short, qk stroke, power to all fields, throws well enough to play LF or move to 1B in pro ball, runs better on the way, surprising for size, very strong, will go as far as bat takes him, some comps to Prince Fielder, 47.

Zackary Fields, 1B/OF, R/R, 6'3 225, RBI, Annapolis HS, MI, strong build with strength in his swing, good bat speed, tends to chase bad pitches, shows power, decent arm strength and running speed for size, 4.45 runner, near ave arm, will have to play LF or RF in pro ball, will goes as far as bat develops, 44.


Philip Bickford, RHP,R/R, 6'4 170, BABE RUTH, Oaks Christian HS, CAL, tall, lean skinny frame which will grow and fill out with maturity, upper 3/4 delivery, fb low 90s and slurvy breaking ball, command/control are fair at present and should improve with more instruction, experience, 48

Alex Jackson, OF/C, R/R, 6'2, 215, BABE RUTH, Rancho Bernardo HS, CA, qk bat with strength and ML power, solid arm strength, frames and fields well as catcher, plays competently in the field, solid arm strength, thick frame which should get bigger in time, 50.

Reese McGuire, C, L/R, 6'1 190,BABE RUTH, Kentwood HS, WA, solid tools, qk arm and release, shifts and balance well as catcher, hits to all fields with level line drive stroke, good plate discipline, 50.

Carson Sands, LHP, L/L, 6'4 190, N Florida Christian, FL, 2014, BABE RUTH, loose arm from 3/4 slot, with some arm side run, fb touches 90-91 on occ, most are upper 80's, nice rotation on cb and feel for change, control is ave and should improve with pro instruction, 47.

Nicholas Gordon, RHP/SS,R/R, 6'1 155, DIXIE, 2014, Olmpia HS, FL , young player w/good bloodlines, qk twitch at the plate and in the field, abv ave range, solid arm strength w/carry, qk bat with strength, on the way runner, ran 4.2 from RH, follow next 2 years, 55.

John Kilichowski, LHP, L/L, 6'5 185, DIXIE, Tampa Jesuit HS, FL, tall and lanky, decent arm speed with fb that touches 89, most are 86-88, frame should get stronger as he matures and shows solid control for his size, feel for cb and change, throws strikes, no fear, 45.

Keegan Thompson, RHP, 6'3 185, DIXIE, Cullman HS, AL, a bit of a slinger, good arm strength, touches 92 on occ, hard slurvy cb with solid control and aggressive demeanor, feel for change, should get better in time, bring along slowly, 50.

Justin Williams, OF, L/R, 6'2 210, DIXIE, Terrebonne HS, LA, solid frame, strong, shows bat speed, fair arm strength and on the way running speed is adequate, will go as far as bat does, inside out swing with alley power, ran 4.4 from left side, 44.

Garrett Williams, LHP, L/L, 6'3 185, DIXIE, Calvary Baptist HS LA, smooth lefty with hard downer cb that will be plus ML pitch, throws strikes, from upper 3/4 slot, feel for change, athletic build should grow to 6'4 220 in time, 48.

Corey Ray, OF, L/L, 5'11 180, RBI, Simeon VOTECH HS, Chicago IL, competitor with good approach to hitter, good bat speed, needs more discipline as a hitter, near ave arm strength w/accuracy, solid ave runner, better on the way, knows how in OF from any OF position, projectible, must bring along slowly, 44.

Ryan Castellani, RHP, R/R, 6'4 190, 2014, USA Stars, Brophy Prep HS, AZ, slender righty from 3/4 slot with arm strength, touches 90, most are 87-89 with arm side run, rotation and bite on cb and ch shows good feel, control is decent for size, should improve in time, strong follow, 47.

Zack Collins, C/1B, L/R, 6'2 210, USA Stars, American Heritage HS, Miami FL, solid hitter with power to alleys, good pitch recognition, solid arm, fair field, not going to be a threat on bases, will go as far as bat does, 47.

Touki Toussaint, RHP, R/R, 6'1 185, USA Stars, 2014, Coral Springs Chr HS, FL, good arm speed and strength, touches 92, hard cb, eratic release pts from 3/4 slot, fair command/rushes delivery, should improve, only 15/16 yrs old, should get bigger and better quickly, strong follow, 50.

Jack Flaherty, SS/OF/RHP, R/R, 6'3 185, USA Stars, 2014, Harvard-Westlake HS, slender athletic build, room to grow, shows arm strength and decent foot speed, good feel on the mound, touches 85-88 with loose/qk arm from upper 3/4 slot, qk bat with strength, must follow next 2 years, 48.

Andrew (AJ) Puk, LHP/1B, L/L, 6'6 195, American Legion, Washington HS, Cedar Rapids IA, loose arm from high 3/4 slot with some arm side run away from RHH and mechanics are sound, touches 90 on occ and hard slurve that should improve with more experience, should grow a bit more and fill out extra large frame to 240 in time, potential 3 pitch guy with plus fb, 51.

Logan Shore, RHP, R/R, 6'2 200, American Legion, Coon Rapids HS, MINN, strong arm with good mound presence and feel for cb/change, throws strikes, will rush some with front side, touches 90 on occ, fair runner and decent field tools, bat is fair, keep an eye on him for 2013, 44.

Cavan Biggio, SS/2B/3B, L/R, 6'1 180, NABF, St Thomas HS, Houston TX, sound hitting approach with bat speed and power to alleys, on the way runner, not a base stealer, 4.45 from left side, 4.55 on turn, solid arm strength that should improve, lateral range to either side w/qk glove, will go as far as bat goes, 47.

Hunter Green, LHP, L/L, 6'4 170, NABF, Warren East HS, KY, slender lefty with arm side run on 88-90 fb, most are 88, good rot and bite and cb and throws strikes, crosses body some from 3/4 slot, type of frame to fill out with maturity to 200 lbs, 44.

Ryan Boldt, OF, L/R, 6'1 185, PONY, Red Wing HS, MINN, solid hit tools with good balance, good breaks and reads on the bases, plus runner, 4.2 from Left, shows near ave arm strength, should fill out and grow a bit more to 6'2 210, can play LF or CF well, could play RF if needed, will go as far as bat takes him, 48.

Ian Clarkin, LHP, L/L, 6'2 185, PONY, James Madison HS, San Diego CA, smooth lefty with arm side run on 86-89 fb, touched 90 a few times, strong frame to fill out in time, cb still developing, throws strikes, crosses body some from upper 3/4 arm slot, must see again, 45.

Robert Kaminsky, LHP, S/L, 5'11 85, PONY, ST Joseph HS, NJ, hard downer cb with good action and release pt, fb touches 91, max effort some from high 3/4 slot, throws strikes, aggressive demeanor, fb should improve a bit more, makeup for a relief man, development guy, 48.

Cameron Varga, RHP, R/R, 6'3 185, PONY, 2014, IMG Academy, a bit of a thrower with good arm strength, arm speed, touches 93 on occ, most are 90-91 with arm side run vs RHH, cb has proper bite and rotation to work with, fair command at present, should improve with pro exposure, must watch next 2 yrs, 48.

RHP, Michael Kopech, AABC, Mount Pleasant HS, TX, 6'3 185, loose, projectible frame, x-lg, lean and broad shoulders, loose easy arm action from upper 3/4 slot, touches 92 on occ, most fb with sink life 88-89, proper bite and spin on cb and throws strikes, has 2 years more of HS baseball, 2015 grad, 52.

RHP/SS, Jack Flaherty, AABC, Harvard-Westlake HS, CA, 6'4 210, R/R, 3rd year in a row seeing him, he just keeps getting bigger and better each time out, 50.

RHP, Kyle Molnar, AABC, Aliso Viejo HS, CA, 6'2 190, R/R, loose, qk arm with strength, power type arm, some effort from upper 3/4 slot, touches low 90's, mostly 91 with tail in on RHH, proper spin on cb, control and command to come with more exposure, 48. 2 year follow, 2015 grad to be.

SS/2b, Cole Tucker, AABC, Mountain Home HS, AZ, 6'2 180, S/R, qk bat, level stroke, occ leans out front making contact, can work with balance, tools on defense, strong accurate arm with qk hands and sure handed, ranges left/right well enough to play middle INF, will go as far as bat comes, on the way runner, 4.3 from LH. 47.

OF/3B, Jacob Gatewood, AABC, Clovis HS, CA, 6'5 190, R/R, lean athletic live body, room to grow and fill out, has decent actions in the field, best suited for corner OF spot, runs well and better underway, 4.46 on turn, long swing with some strength, doesn't show the handsy approach to drive the ball, good pitches get in on him, a project with some projection left, 44.

SS/2B, Joe Dunand, Am Legion, Gulliver Prep, FL, 6'1 195, R/R, good bloodlines I'm told, shows smooth field action with solid accurate arm, ranges either side well enough to stick at SS, may outgrow position, strong qk hands at the plate, can drive the ball to both alleys, 4.45 runner, better on the way, 49.

C, Chase Vallot, Am Legion, St Thomas More HS, LA, 5'11 210, R/R, catch and throw guy with qk feet behind the dish, moves well either side, frames pitches, 1.97 pop to 2b, shows strength at the plate, will drive ball to all fields, enough bat speed there for some power to hit alley HR in time as he better disciplines himself as a hitter, solid follow, 50.

OF, Monte Harrison, Babe Ruth, Lee's Summit MO, 6'2 200, R/R, athletic, moves well in OF, plus arm strength from OH delivery, 4.2 runner and has strength in his hands at the plate, short strike, high load, will need to work with mechanics as a hitter, but the tools are there to develop with pro instruction, 50.

LHP, Brady Aiken, Babe Ruth, Cardiff HS, CA, 6'2 200, L/L, smooth lefty, a lil long with arm swing with good arm speed, touches 93 on occ, most fb with arm side run, 90-91, hard downer type cb with proper 1/6 rotation and depth, throws strikes, lands on stiff front side on occ, inconsistent on release pts at times, projectible body to fill out more, 54.

RHP, Cole Sands, DIXIE, N Florida Chr School, FL, 6'2 200, loose righty with x-large frame, upper 3/4 slot touches 92 on occ, most fb 89-90 with some sink down in k-zone, shows feel and proper spin for cb, rushes delivery some, will develop further in pro ball, 48, two years left, 2015.

1b/Of, Braxton Davidson, DIXIE, Roberson HS NC, 6'2 210, L/L, seen 3 years now, has good balance and strength in his swing from level short stroke, goes to all fields, has slightly better than ave arm strength, not fleet afoot but not a clogger, 4.5 from left side, know how on bases, one of better hitters in this event, average fielder, 50.

3b/1b, Bobby Bradley, DIXIE, Harrison Central HS, MISS, 6'1 230, L/R, strong durable frame, has bat speed and strength, short level stroke, has trouble with breaking pitches and reading breaking pitches, dead red fb hitter, on the way runner, and playable arm strength, will need to play LF or 1b in time, will go as far as bat takes him, 44.

OF, Kel Johnson, DIXIE, Home School, GA, 6'3 210, R/R, decent frame and strength here, shows bat speed with strong hands, level stroke with power to alleys, best tool is arm strength from either corner OF spot, runs well for size, 4.35 from RH, room to fill out with maturity, 48.

LHP, Justus Sheffield, NABF, Tullahoma HS TN, 5'10 190, L/L, loose qk arm from 3/4 slot, hard downer cb is best pitch, fb touches 93 on occ, most fb have arm side run with deception, hides ball well in easy delivery, tends to over strike at times, sits at 89-91, keeps pitches down in zone, interesting, 50, durable frame.

SS/2b, Nick Shumpert, NABF, Highlands Ranch HS, CO, 5'10 170, R/R, good bloodlines, shows arm strength from SS with qk glove, ranges easy to either side, throws with carry, qk bat w/strength, short compact stroke, runs 4.3 from RH w/ability to steal a base or so in ML, 2015 solid follow, 45, will go as far as bat takes him.

RHP, Tyler Kolek, NABF, Shepard HS, TX, 6'5 260, R/R, power arm from 3/4 slot, 95 on occ most fb 92-93 with some sink down in k-zone, spins the cb fine more of a slurve, keeps fb down in zone, tends to land on stiff front left, qk arm, chops off extension at times, worth strong look in 2014, 55.

C, JJ Schwartz, PONY, Palm Beach Gardens HS, FL, 6'1 195, R/R, strong durable frame, catch and throw guy, 50 arm strength with ave release 2.0 to 2b, moves well behind plate, strong hands, at the plate has qk short stroke with alley power to all fields, shows balance and qk hands from load position, keeps hands above waist, drives the ball to alleys, some comps to Ron Karkovice, former White Sox catcher, 51.

LHP, Foster Griffin, PONY, First Academy, GA, 6'4 200, R/L, loose lefy with arm speed from upper 3/4 slot, touches 92 on occ, most fb with arm side run down in zone 89-90, sharp bite on 1/6 cb and teases with straight change, keeps pitches down, gets proper extension, slight x-body in delivery, projectible extra lg frame, 50.

CF, Derek Hill, PONY, Elk Grove HS, CA, 6'1 180, R/R, runs very well, 4.1 from RH, shows solid arm from CF with abv ave range to gaps, acc arm, knows how as a fielder, at the plate has strong hands with qk bat, tends to get out front on breaking pitches, proper balance and load on fb, will go as far as bat takes him, 48.

RHP, Luis Ortiz, PONY, Hallmark Charter, CA, 6'2 220, R/R, power arm with live fb, keeps pitches down in zone, also hard slider with some downward tilt, 83-85, fb touches 94, most are 91-92, crosses body slightly on land and fb tends to be true up in zone, durable strong frame, similar comp to Chad Billingsley, 50.

LHP, David Petersen, PONY, Regis Jesuit HS, CO, 6'6 215, L/L, tall, extra large frame, loose arm out front, tends to cross body, land on stiff front, keeps pitches down in zone mostly, fb up straight, touches 92 on occ, most fb are 88-90 with late life away vs RHH, proper bite/spin on cb, 47.

OF, Marcus Wilson, RBI, Serra HS, CA, 6'2 175, R/R, athletic, lean build w/deceptive strength, runs well underway, 4.2 from RH, has arm strength with carry on throws, qk bat with some strength, has trouble with off-speed, keeps hands back for most part, will need instruction to go further, 45.

C, Evan Skoug, STARS, Libertyville HS, ILL, 5'10 205, L/R, intriguing, strong fire plug type build, 1.9 on pop times to 2b with strength, shifts well, knows how and strong hands at plate as a receiver, strength in his short level swing, short stride, has deceptive power to alleys, goes to all fields, can drive the ball to produce runs, not a runner but instinctive to run the bases, 46.

C, Jackson Reetz, STARS, Hickman-Norris HS, NE, 6' 200, R/R, gamer, strong, durable build and frame, strength in his upper body with qk hands at plate to drive ball to all fields, shows proper balance as hitter with slight upper cut in swing, has arm strength with accuracy to 2b, most throws 2.0 to 2b w/some fade & sink, shifts left/right adequately, alert, hands a bit stiff at times, jabs at ball, will go as far as bat and improvement as a receiver go, 48.

LHP/1b, Alex Destino, STARS, N Buncombe HS, NC , 6'3 210, L/L, long power stroke as hitter with proper mechanics, tracks pitches, upper cut swing w/strength, solid arm strength and sure handed fielder, runs well for size, 4.4 from LH not a burner but knows how on bases, also 2-way shot, touches 93 on occ on mound with 3/4 arm slot with arm side run/sink down in zone, slurvy type breaking ball that will end up a slider, competes well, interesting, room to fill out and get stronger, 48.


OF, Jahmai Jones, FREE, Wesleyan HS, GA, 6' 205, R/R, strong durable frame, room to fill out more, built similarly to former ML Kevin Mitchell, shows strength in swing, long load, gets out front on breaking pitches, can drive ball when mechanics are together, runs well underway, 4.32 from RH, arm strength, best suited for LF, 40 arm, shows range and fair hands, will go as far as bat takes him, 44.

RHP, Donnie Everett, FREE, Clarksville HS, TN, 6'2 220, strong durable build, similar to Matt Harvey, power arm, touches 94 on occ, most fb are 91-92, fair movement, throws strikes, will tend to rush and lands on stiff front left, cb with hard bite and proper downward tilt, command suffers due to rushing upper body, some effort but ball explodes from his hand, very qk arm, needs further instruction to excel in ML, 51.

OF, Kyle Tucker, PRIDE, HB Plant HS, FL, 6'3 170, L/R, easy smooth swing with slight upper cut, can drive the ball to all fields, some strength to work with and qk hands, tracks pitches w/decent balance, on the way runner, 4.38 from LH, throws with carry from OF gets good breaks on hit balls and acc w/throws, will go as far as bat takes him, frame to fill out, built similarly to former ML Von Hayes.

OF, Trenton Clark, STRIPES, Richland HS, TX, 6'0 200, L/L, strong build, qk hands at the plate with upper body strength, line drive hitter to all fields, can pull for occ power, runs well underway, better on bases, 4.2 from LH, shows arm strength w/qk release, know how as corner OF, will go as far as bat takes him, 48.

OF, Seth Beer, BRAVE, Kings Ridge Christian, GA, 6'3 185, L/R, extra large frame, build to get bigger and stronger, 2016 grad, some similarities to Atlanta Braves - Freddie Freeman, qk bat w/strength uses the whole yard, runs well once underway, 4.32 from LH, slightly better than ave arm, will be plus, also some ability as two way guy, can pitch, wants to hit, definite follow for 2016, 47.

RHP, Joe DeMers, BRAVE, College Park HS, CA, 6'2 210, R/R, smooth righty with live arm, fb tails and sinks w/plus movement, not overpowering, qk arm, most fb are 88-90, will touch 92 on occ, short qk breaking ball more of a slurve, throws strikes and keeps ball down, heavy fb, a pitcher, 50.

RHP, Dakota Donovan, BRAVE, Pineview HS, UT, 6'5 195, R/R, tall lean build, room to fill out with maturity, 2016 grad, has loose arm w/strength and idea on the hill, most fb 88-89 touches 91 on occ, will land on stiff front side when rushes, has feel for breaking ball and doesn't get rattled, keep an eye on him, 47.

3b/OF, Ke'Bryan Hayes, BRAVE, Concordia Luth HS, TX, 6'1 210, R/R, son of former ML Charlie Hayes, KB has strong qk bat with slight upper cut, can drive the ball, pull power, runs well underway, 4.3, better on bases, solid arm strength to be future plus arm, will go as far as bat takes him, offense are best tools, future possibly in OF, 50.

3b/IF, John Aiello, STARS, Germantown Acad PA, 6'3 200, S/R, gamer with strong arm, qk bat from both sides of plate, mostly as LHH, goes the other way well, tends to get out front on breaking ball, keeps hands back in load, runs better on the way, adequate infielder, best suited for 3b or move to OF to play Corner spot, 44.

C, Wyatt Cross, STARS, Legacy HS, CO, 6'3 190, L/R, strong durable body with plus arm strength, knows how as a receiver, soft hands, 1.9 pop times to 2b, fair bat with strength, hands are a bit all over the place, needs work at plate as hitter or move to mound with his plus arm strength, 45.

LHP, Kolby Allard, STARS, Clemente HS, CA, 6'0 170, L/L, qk loose arm, x-body in delivery lands on stiff left, keeps pitches down, can go up the ladder, shows occ plus velo, most fb 89-90, touches 92 on occ with late life away vs RHH, hard cb 77-80 with downward tilt, medium frame, similar build to young Tom Glavine, 48.

RHP/1B, Luken Baker, UNITED, Oak Ridge HS, TX, 6'4 240, R/R, plus power stroke with qk bat and strength, shows proper balance and keeps hands in firm load position, can go to all fields, loft type power, abv ave arm strength, can play corner well enough to be everyday 1b @ ML level in time, runs fair, 4.6, not a base stealing threat, max effort pitcher touches 93-94 on occ, most fb 91-92 with some late run in on RHH, will go as far as bat takes him, similar comp to former ML, Greg Luzinski, big legs, thick trunk, 48.

OF, Daz Cameron, UNITED, Eagles Ridge Acad GA, 6'3 190, R/R, fluid athletic build, room to get bigger and stronger, shows good approach as hitter with balance and ability to drive the ball to all fields, tends to get out front on breaking pitches, runs plus underway, 4.18 and will steal bases, gets breaks and leads, as fielder shows ave arm strength with acc and carry and plus range, 54.

LHP, Cole Ragans, UNITED, N Florida Christian, FL, 6'4 185, L/L, loose arm from upper 3/4, touches 90 on occ, most fb with tailing life are 87-89, projectible extra large frame to fill out to 215 and add velo with easy arm swing, proper bite and downward action on cb and teased w/some straight changes, keeps fb down, fb up is true, gets some life away from RHH, 48, 2016 grad.


LHP, Jason Groome (Stars), IMG Academy, FL, he is from Barnegat, New Jersey, 6'5 plus and holds 220 easy, projectible frame, long, loose limbs, easy delivery from 3/4 slot, throws three solid pitches, above ave fb with velo up to 95, most were 91-93 with arm side run on two seamer and ave command on the 4 seamer, hard round house type cb with bite, velo 74-76, got hitters to chase and he was not afraid to throw it in any count, also straight fade change, velo at 74-76, downhill plane with no pump windup, has good pickoff move at this stage which will only get better with experience - has verbal to Vandy but doubtful he'll see the campus after his showing and with the limited amount of lefties out there. Solid 60 for me today, future is promising!

LHP, Jordan Butler (Brave), Braulio Alonso HS, Odessa FL, follow for 2017 grad year, 6'1 180, long limbs, may grow a tad more and fill out frame, short quick arm swing with deceptive velo, touches 88, most arm side run fbs were 86-87 with deceptive change and drops arm slot from upper 3/4 to lower 3/4 for slide piece, threw strikes, hit the mit and didn't waste time out there, only 16 currently - early verbal to Florida.

3B, Cole Stobbe (Brave), Millard West HS, Omaha NE, 6'1 180, R/R, lean frame with room to grown, qk bat with level plane swing, pop in the bat with alley type power, runs well underway, 4.4 out of the box, ave arm strength, adequate range/glove and instincts for the corner, graded out to a 45 currently, but could be one that rises with experience.

OF, McKenzie "Mickey" Moniak (Brave), La Costa Canyon HS, Encinitas CA, 6'1 1/2 185, L/R, qk out of the box, line drive stroke from left side, runs well, better underway, 4.2 from box, knows how on bases, solid arm strength with carry and range, can play any OF position, enough pop in the bat to project 10-15 HR type power, 48 OFP, will go as far as bat goes, verbal to UCLA.

2B, Austin James, (Free), Bloomingdale Senior HS, Valrico FL, 6'1 180, R/R, qk bat with sting to LF, runs well underway, solid arm strength and range for 2b or SS, project to 2B, type of frame to get bigger and stronger, actions good enough to move to OF possibily, 45 OFP, verbal to FIU.

LHP, Mitchell Stone, (Pride), 6'9 235, Shawnee HS, Shawnee OK, a big'un, not real fluid but what his delivery presently shows is enough to follow for 2017, he's older for his grad year, arm slot from upper 3/4, most fb were 86 touch 88 on occ when out front, downer type cb from 1 to 6, teased on straight change, control is fair for now, showed enough coordination to warrant the follow-has verbal to Oklahoma State, 40 OFP.

CF/1B, William Benson, (Stars), Westminster School, Atlanta GA, 6'5 220, L/L, fluid athlete with qk twitch actions, loose arm with solid strength and carry, ranges well in CF, will probably move to RF in pro ball, runs well once underway, 4.2 from left side, qk compact stroke with slight upper cut, showed vulnerability to off speed stuff but attacks the fb, interesting for 2016, 48 OFP - verbal to Duke.

This web page is dedicated to the SCOUTS who are still working today and those who have passed on to the "Angels in the Outfield", who have touched my life and helped me in some way as a Scout in my 30 plus years in the business! Thank you to all of you, who have been part of my life and for sharing your stories and nostagila along the way! Brad Sloan, Marti Wolever, Mike Radcliff, Mike Hankins, Bill Clark, Mike Arbuckle, John "Buck" O'Neil, Gene Baker, John Hennessey, Chuck Koney, Charlie Gault, Jerry Marik, Terry Sullivan, Harvey Kuehn, Marv Olson, Paul Tretiak, Tom Couston, Joe Murphy, Mike Grouse, Rudy Terassas, Doug Gassaway, Randy Taylor, Jeff Cornell, Hank Krause, Mike Roberts, Larry Chase, Woody Smith, Dave Karaff, Emil Belich, Dale McReynolds, Tom Osowski, Mark Servais, Jim Pransky, Elmer Gray, Terry Ryan, Bill Gayton, Ken Bracey, Bill Bryk, Herb Koenig, Chuck Koney, Ellsworth "Brownie" Brown, Tom McCormack, George Walden, Cookie Mitchell, Marty Harvat, Phil Favia, Terry Tripp, Stu Cann, Mike Daughtry, Mike Rizzo, Chuck Rizzo, Leroy Franklin, Angelo Guilliani, Joel Lepel, Brian Kohlscheen, Bill Parese, Bill Olson, Dan McGinn, Chris Shanahan, Chris Fye, Mike Valla, Billy Vosik, Jimmy Wynne, Chad Lindamon, Pat Dolan, Mike "Jonesy" Jones, Jim Manfred, Todd Simmons, Jon Huth, Donald "Donnie" White, Tim Sandy, John Harris, Everett Cunningham, Cliff Williams, Mark Reynolds and Jason Isringhausen, all of you have been great to me as scouts, players and best of all, people sharing your life with me along the way!

Jason Derik Isringhausen, one of the best players/people I ever scouted. My son Michael saw Izzy while visiting one of his company's new ventures in St Louis last night, July 15, 2014. I first scouted Izzy during a legion baseball tourney in Springfield MO in 1990. I made a follow report on him as a pitcher and urged my then supervisor to sign him as a non-drafted free-agent. I saw this 6'2 180 righty, with a lean build that could add more strength and physical ability as he matured down the road. His delivery was a bit crude at the time, but the arm strength, spin on his breaking ball, location of his pitches and competitiveness on the hill he displayed, were second to none for me. In High School and his legion career in Brighton, Illinois, and Piasa Southwestern HS, in Piasa, IL, Izzy played several positions. Izzy's best friend, Shaun Watson we drafted and signed in 1990/1991 after Shaun's high school career, Shaun was a draft and follow and went onto Rend Lake College and played for Jimmy McGuire and Paul Evans. In 1991 after seeing Izzy pitch once again at Lewis & Clark College, coached by former Cubbie, Randy Martz who I first saw pitch in the College World Series in Omaha NE for South Carolina and June Raines. I invited Izzy to attend a pre-draft workout we had in Lincoln IL and on my recommendation and urgency by my former supervisor, Phil Favia, the Mets drafted Jason in the 44th round out of Lewis & Clark Community College in Godfrey, ILL. Izzy threw in the upper 80's to low 90's on the jugs gun, played short, centerfield, caught, where ever the coach/team needed him, Jason played that position. He was relentless and determined to succeed on and off the field. Happy go lucky, his mom Georgene and his dad, Chuck, I had met at a pre-draft camp we had in Lincoln IL in 1991 and I had talked with them often at Izzy's legion games, his last game I scouted was in Pittsfield IL when I was recruiting as a Jr College baseball coach at John Wood CC, Quincy IL, and I knew then after we had drafted Izzy, that he needed to be signed and would some day be a millionaire and stud on the hill for the Mets. Izzy was minor league pitcher of the year for the Mets and his first 1/2 season in the Majors was untouchable in 1995, he went 20-5 starting out his season with AA, Binghamton NY in the Eastern League then getting a quick promo to Tidewater, AAA team then a second half season chance as a starter for the Mets where he was 9-2 with a 2.81 ERA. There were huge expectations from the METS, of Izzy, Paul Wilson and Bill Pulsipher and only Izzy came out of those expectations as fulfilling them for the Mets and later on with several ML teams. He was then traded by the Mets to the A's where he converted over to the closer role which he relished in. Izzy wanted the ball in clutch situations and often came out on top and closed the door on many team WINS for his clubs he played with including the A's, Cardinals, Angels and Rays. Terry Tripp Sr, signed Jason after his 1992 college season ended at LCCC. While I was not on his contract, I was so proud to have met Jason, his family and sharing my insights with him after the Pittsfield vs Brighton Legion game in August, 1991. I just had wished the Mets would have allowed me the opportunity to have signed him the year we had drafted him. But that's baseball! Izzy, I hope someday soon, you are voted into the MLB Hall of Fame as one of the best relievers/pitchers ever to take the ball and close the door on opponents in the Majors! Congrats on a great baseball career.

Now it's time to bear down and find more talent, touch more lives and be thankful for all that people enjoy sharing, and that's BASEBALL and LIFE!


A very good friend of mine passed away from complications of bladder cancer surgery on April 23, 2012, Larry Chase, one of the nicest men you would ever meet in your lifetime and a great baseball man, mentor, father, grandfather, husband, and older brother/father figure!!! Larry was inducted into the National Baseball Congress & Midwest Scouts Hall of Fame and signed current ML Pitcher AJ Burnett when he was with the Mets, along with Mike Pelfrey. I'm truly miss talking with Larry and I wish his son, daughter and wife, Linda, all the best and my condolences to those who met Larry through their days on the road!!

Larry and I signed Donald "DONNIE" White Jr, Centerfielder (first scouted him for Rock Island ILL Legion club in 1988), from Southeastern Comm College, Burlington Iowa back in 1991 (16th round) on my recommendation when I was a part-timer working for Larry and two other supervisors at the time. Larry did all the negotiating and let me learn under his direction, a lesson I will take with me when it's my time to meet the Lord! I will be forever thankful for having made the acquaintance and working for such a great person in Larry Chase! I will greatly miss him! Larry signed big leaguers, RHP AJ Burnett out of an Arkansas High School and Larry told me, that AJ wasn't even the best pitcher on his team!! Amazing! Larry also signed RHP Bob Koeppel and RHP Mike Pelfrey, both have pitched or are still pitching in the Majors today.

Mike Arbuckle, VP with KC Royals, Mike was always cordial to me in my years when I was "wet behind the ears", first meeting him when he was an Area Scout for the Braves when I pitched for Bellevue College against Benedictine College in Atchinson, Kansas in 1981, he was one of the reasons I got a shot as a scout as he encouraged me and gave me pointers on who and how to write to teams. Mike was there with some other ol' timer scouts, Woody Smith, Russ Sehon and Lee Anthony. Mike was also a key ingredient for the Phillies turnaround and world series ring, when he was head of the scouting/development area for the Phils under Pat Gillick. Mike should have been allowed to become the GM of the Phils, but that's just one man's opinion.

Chris Fye, pitched in little league when I coached at Offutt AFB, Nebraska in the late 70's and early 80's, I had the pleasure to be his coach on a couple of occasions. Chris always had a nice, easy, fluid delivery with a sneaky fastball. He had a great fall season at IWCC-CB after transfering there from UNO and he was on the the radar of a lot of midwest scouts. He pitched for a summer team I founded in 1987, the Nebraska Wranglers, I had urged many area scouts to take a look at him seriously at a workout in which we had to scramble to get a catcher for him, he then threw in a summer semi-pro tourney for our team in Scribner and Schuyler, Nebraska, and got some added looks again, before the late Bill Parese on the recommendation of bird dog and Hall of Fame High School Baseball Coach and father of former Oriole pitcher Gregg Olson, Bill Olson, signed Chris for the Giants. Chris moved up several levels and was worth the $500 investment the Giants and the scouts who signed him. Chris attended Bellevue East HS, Bellevue NE as well. He had a low 90's fb, hard slurve and solid straight change and he had a good pickoff move. I was very proud to work with him and appreciative he believed in me to get him signed to a pro contract that he deserved!

My first boss, Brad "Bear" Sloan, Brimfield ILL, Brad gave me my first shot, after I graduated and finished playing college baseball at Bellevue College (now Bellevue University), in 1983. Brad was soft spoken but a very good evaluator of baseball talent. He was with the Padres at the time and he was one of the young scouts in the game in the '80s. Brad eventually became scouting director for the Padres and often will be remembered by the drafting of Jake Peavy. Brad has worked for several clubs since leaving the Padres and he was voted into the Scouts Hall of Fame. He's pictured with his wife, Cindy, who was always very nice and cordial to me on the phone when I would call trying to track the "Bear" down. I will always be thankful of the opportunity Brad gave me and someday I'd like to run into him again and talk with him because since 1990, he and I have not talked very much, nor has he responded to my correspondence over the years. Brad is a major league scout with the Atlanta Braves. Maybe someday, he'll reply to my letters I send him and Christmas cards!

Bill Clark, the "World Traveler", he's still living and still lifting even over the age of 80 years old, he still lives in Columbia, Missouri with his life long partner and he's an avid bird watcher and a former baseball scout for several major league clubs, the most notably, Cincinnati Reds, where he signed former major leaguers, Bruce Berenyi and Lloyd McClendon, who's the current manager of the Seattle Mariners. Bill was one of the few scouts who corresponds still with me over the winter months and he's always been hospitable to me since we got to know each other more after I left the Texas Rangers in 1988. I owe a lot of my gratitude to Bill for being so nice and honest with me on many aspects in life.

Ellsworth "Brownie" Brown, he passed away some time ago and he was still scouting into his 90's. From a little town in Illinois, Brownie was one of the few old timers who gave me the time of day and we often ran into each other in small rural ball parks and often we were the only ones there in the state of Illinois. Brownie was most known for signing two great major league hitters, Bill Madlock and Kirby Puckett. I miss Brownie and his wife, Mabel and I know in time, I will run into them again in the baseball heaven.

I came across this story that Jerome Holtzman wrote some time ago in Chicago, regarding one of the scouts, who I was honored to meet and listen to my first year as an area scout for the Rangers, Chuck Koney.

Adversity Didn't Stop These 2 - Longtime Scouts Receive Recognition They Deserve
January 24, 1993|By Jerome Holtzman.

Two scouts were sitting side by side covering a college game in Austin, Texas. One scout had only one hand, the other had one leg. The scout with one hand dropped his notebook, but was unable to pick it up. The scout with one leg came to the rescue.

"Thanks," said the scout with one hand. Then, he laughed and said, "We'd make a terrific double-play combination."

That was in 1960, more than 30 years ago. By coincidence, Hugh Alexander, 75, now with the Cubs, and Chuck Koney, 68, recently retired from the Red Sox, have been reunited on the banquet circuit.

Saturday night at the Palmer House, the Chicago baseball writers presented Alexander with the J. Louis Comiskey award for "long and meritorious service to baseball." Monday night, at Gino's Steak House in Harvey, Koney will be honored for his 50 years in baseball.

Both were outstanding big-league prospects. A hard-hitting outfielder, Alexander played two years in the minor leagues. His cumulative stats were awesome: a .347 average, 60 home runs, 190 runs batted in. Koney was a two-time all-star second baseman in the American Association.

On Dec. 6, 1937, when Alexander was 20 and working on an oil rig in Seminole, Okla., his left hand was mangled in a gear. He was by himself. He walked to a house down the road, wrapped the hand in a pillowcase and drove a pickup truck 15 miles to the nearest doctor.

"The doctor gave me two drinks of whiskey," Alexander recalled. "Then he cut my hand off, sawed it off with a saw. And I said then, that day, nothing can hurt me the rest of my life. I'm talking about physically."

Koney lost a leg some 11 1/2 years later, on May 9, 1949. He was with the Louisville club, which had two successive open dates after a series in Milwaukee. He was given permission to stop at his home on Chicago's South Side. Two weeks earlier, his wife, Lorraine, had given birth to a daughter, their first child.

Koney was upstairs, on the second floor, packing to catch the night train to Louisville. He smelled something burning in the basement. When he went downstairs to investigate, a pot-bellied stove blew up in his face. He suffered facial and arm burns. Worse, his right leg was shattered.

He was taken to South Shore Hospital. A priest administered the last rites of the Catholic church. As Dr. Frank Murphy prepared to amputate, Koney was crying. "Doc, if I can't play ball I don't want to live," he shouted.
"What do you think we're doing?" the doctor asked, exasperated. "We're not just trying to save your leg. We're trying to save your life."
The leg was amputated below the knee.
His career over, Koney was immediately given a five-year contract as a scout by the Red Sox. He was with the organization for 42 years, their Midwest chief. He retired three weeks ago, but will remain as a consultant.

When he lost his hand, Alexander was the No. 1 prospect in the Cleveland organization. The Indians also put him to work scouting. He has been a big-league scout ever since-55 years, and a superscout for the last three decades.

Garrulous, he is known as "Uncle Hughie." In addition to Cleveland, he also scouted for the old Brooklyn Dodgers and put in four years with the White Sox during the Frank Lane-Paul Richards era. Later, he became a fixture with the Philadelphia Phillies. Dallas Green lured him to the Cubs in 1987.

Of all the jobs in professional baseball, the scout has the most difficult assignment. Consider this: Everyone talks about the comparative merits of players, but only the scout is paid for his opinion.

Still, scouting is largely a crapshoot. The degree of difficulty has little to do with measuring a propect's physical skills. Every scout soon learns if a player can hit, if he can throw, if he can run. The unknown factor is what's inside, if he has the heart and determination to survive and make it at the major-league level.

And it occurs to me Alexander and Koney are made of the real stuff, the ability to continue despite enormous adversity. Certainly, it would have been easier for them to spend the rest of their lives feeling sorry for themselves.

"Chuck and I have talked about this 50 times," Alexander said Saturday. "We could have gone haywire. Somebody owes me a living, that kind of thing. I was crushed, but I got over it. It took a lot of heart."

"It wasn't easy," Koney said. "My leg kept bleeding for more than a year. Sometimes when I called home I was so upset I wanted to call it quits. My wife was great. She said, `Chuck, you're not a quitter. You have to go on.' "

Some of the older scouts, particularly Benny Zientara and Wally Laskowski, both deceased, always were pumping up Koney. Also, Nick Kamzic of the California Angels. Kamzic had been an outstanding shortstop in the White Sox organization.

"Nick was wonderful," Koney recalled. "He'd say, `Hey, buddy, what's the big deal? I was shot up in World War II.' "
I mentioned to Koney that I never have seen him frown.

"Hugh Alexander used to tell me that," Koney replied. "He'd say to me, `Chuck, you're always laughing.' And I'd tell him, `Well, you're no sourpuss, either.' We have been happy because we're both in baseball, and that's where we wanted to be."

Someday, hopefully soon, scouts will be admitted to the Hall of Fame. If that time comes, Hugh Alexander and Chuck Koney should enter the Cooperstown shrine together. As Alexander told Koney that long-ago day in Austin, Texas, they would make a terrific double-play combination.

TWO free-agent player reports from my archives - You will note, I did not sell "IZZY" as well as I should have when he was draft eligible.



Before their was the Northern League, I had worked on this idea of an Indy League in Nebraska and was encouraged by the late baseball enthusiast, Bob Freitas, to continue with my idea and to network as much as possible. Soon thereafter, Miles Woolf, publisher of Baseball America with a few wealthy baseball people, Mike Veeck included, founded the "NORTHERN LEAGUE", which was a hit and still is today, but renamed, "AMERICAN ASSOCIAION". Here is the story redone in 1987 after trying earnestly to get public funding in 1986.

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